Adriana Krasniansky

Adriana supports the Research team at Rock Health as an associate. Previously, Adriana worked as a researcher and strategist for health-centered organizations including C-TAC (the Coalition to Transform Advanced Care) and the Massachusetts Office of Elder Affairs. Adriana earned her bachelor’s degree in business from Fordham University and her master’s degree in health equity and aging studies from Harvard University. She was also named a Petrie-Flom Fellow in bioethics, biotechnology, and health law policy. Adriana has published research and led projects related to technology ethics, community-based digital health programs, and virtual care services for Medicare populations.

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  • Ukrainian-American and proud Clevelander (which, yes, involves supporting the Cleveland Browns)
  • Once ran into Leonardo DiCaprio on the street
  • Known to organize happy hours at her neighborhood bar featuring rescue dogs from local shelters