Digital Health Consumer Adoption Report 2019

Digital services and solutions are an increasingly common component of the healthcare experience for Americans. Over the past five years that Rock Health has surveyed US adults ages 18 and over, adoption of digital health tools like telemedicine, wearables, and health apps has consistently climbed upwards. In 2019, the historical rise in adoption leveled off in what appears to be a slight moderation of digital health usage overall. However, adoption differs sharply among subgroups of the broader population. These findings have important implications for consumers, startup entrepreneurs, clinicians, and innovators within established, large-scale enterprise healthcare and technology companies.

In this white paper, we examine broad digital health adoption trends among consumers, highlighting findings most likely to drive sustained shifts within healthcare. In addition, we identify and explore differences across population segments to paint a more nuanced, complex picture of consumer behavior. We conclude that consumer-clinician dialogue, and transparency around data collection and sharing will be central to the growth of digital technology in healthcare. Click here to download the complete white paper.

[1] Survey question: When, if ever, have you received medical care or advice from a healthcare professional (e.g., doctor, nurse, therapist) through the following means: Live video call on a mobile phone, tablet, or computer (not YouTube or other educational/information web videos)?
Responses: In the last 12 months, More than 12 months ago
[2] Survey question: Do you own a wearable device or smart watch (note: this excludes smartphones) that helps you track your health? This could include number of steps/exercise, sleep, heart rate, or blood pressure.
Response: Yes
[3] Survey question: How do you currently record the following: Weight, Heart rate, Blood pressure, Medications, Physical activity (steps, exercise, etc.), Food/diet, Sleep, Blood sugar, Other?
Responses: With a wearable, Connective device (e.g. smart scale, glucometer) or in an app that doesn’t connect to a wearable, In a digital journal or log
[4] Survey question: Have you used a mobile app or website to find any of the following?
Responses: A specific physician or nurse practitioner, An in-home caregiver including private duty nurses, A hospital or clinic, A pharmacy, A nursing home or long-term care facility, A physical therapist, A psychologist, therapist or counselor, An integrative and or lifestyle medicine practitioner.
[5] Survey question: When, if ever, have you searched for any of the following using a website or mobile app: Information about prescription drugs and/or side effects, Information about vitamins or supplements, A diagnosis based on your symptoms,  Treatment options based on your diagnosis?
Responses: In the last 12 months, More than 12 months ago