Rock Health meets this moment in digital health

A decade ago, the founders of Rock Health convened a vibrant community around the shared belief that technology-driven innovation will make healthcare massively better for all humanity. In the time since we were founded, it’s been thrilling to see—and help drive—the growth of digital health from an idea into a full blown industry. There is more capital invested; more impact on health outcomes; and more momentum to transform the healthcare industry now than at any time in the past 10 years.

As the digital health industry and ecosystem have grown, so too has our conviction that innovation is key to making healthcare more affordable, effective, and equitable. And our vision for the industry continues to shape our strategy as a company, pushing us to focus on how we can deliver the greatest impact. That single vision is the animating force behind the three core elements of what make up “Rock Health”:

Rock Health Capital invests in the next generation of iconic entrepreneurs. As a seed and Series A stage venture fund, we’re typically in the first institutional round of investment for the companies we support. Over the years we’ve reviewed over 9,000 pitches, and our portfolio has attracted over $4B in follow on capital.

Rock Health Advisory works with leading Fortune 500 companies—across healthcare, technology, retail, and more—on strategies to bridge the gap between entrepreneurial innovation and the status quo by improving their existing products and services and building new ones. is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3). It’s where our unified purpose—digital health that truly works for all people—meets programmatic action. In collaboration with a community of changemakers already 30,000+ strong, we fight for inclusive solutions that meet everyone’s needs to realize the promise of digital health.

But we know that change doesn’t just happen on its own. The reason we get out of bed every morning is to work side-by-side with so many of you toward the impact we all care about so deeply. Are you raising capital as an early-stage entrepreneur? The Rock Health Capital crew wants to chat. If you’re an innovator at a major corporation seeking support on your digital health strategy, reach out to the team at Rock Health Advisory. And if you’re hoping to connect with a community of innovators and ensure digital health solutions work equally well for everyone, wants to hear from you. Let’s make a difference, together.