CEO & Managing Director

Bill Evans

Bill is a father and husband who works in healthcare investing by day to support his family and to help leave the world better than he found it. He’s the CEO & Managing Director of Rock Health, a venture fund focused on early stage digital health startups. Under his leadership, Rock Health launched a rapidly-growing, standalone advisory services business. Separate from the fund, Rock Health’s advisory services practice delivers strategic consulting services to enterprise-scale, publicly-traded companies. Prior to Rock Health, Bill was at Roche Diagnostics where he was a Senior Director responsible for launching Roche’s newly formed oncology decision support business unit, Navify. Previously he held various leadership roles at Genentech, a biotechnology company. Bill earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics from Harvard University and began his career at Goldman Sachs before entering the startup world in the late 1990s as a software engineer in Silicon Valley.

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  • Attends an average of 1.2 birthday parties per weekend (with his four kids)
  • Insists there is a significant cultural divide between people from the West Side of Cleveland and those from the East Side and works tirelessly to bridge the two
  • Owns old cars just so he can do all the repairs himself (usually successfully)