A new chapter begins at Rock Health

Today is a big day for Rock Health. I’m thrilled to share some big news—and also a bit of reflection on how far Rock Health has come.

When I took the reins at Rock Health six years ago, digital health was just gaining steam. Our vision, our ability to convene, and our candor set Rock Health apart. I believed then in the enormous promise of digital health as an industry, but, even more than that, I believed that the industry was hungry for leadership that Rock Health might one day deliver.

In those six years, we have grown tremendously, and during that time Rock Health has been purpose-built to achieve one missionto transform healthcare for all humanity—through three mutually-reinforcing strategies:

Rock Health Advisory works with large companies in and adjacent to healthcare on their digital strategies.
Rock Health Capital invests in world-class digital health founders.
RockHealth.org is pushing the industry toward a more equitable future for all.

I built Rock Health this way so that we can do the job—all of the jobs—necessary to achieve our singular mission. There are three prongs to our strategy, three legs to the stool because innovating in healthcare is complex, ethically implicated, and above all else it is hard. It requires more than one approach, more than one toolset—and more than one leader.

In 2021, Katie Drasser joined the family as Chief Executive Officer of the not-for-profit RockHealth.org. In the time since, Katie has built a powerful set of partnerships and an extraordinary team that is anchoring their work on equipping innovators with the resources, reach, and recognition they need to create equitable digital health for all.

I founded Rock Health Advisory to work with Fortune 500 companies on their digital health strategies through two different channels, consulting and membership. For the past two years, Rock Health President Tom Cassels and I have been building Rock Health Advisory and growing the business with an incredible team led by our Chief Operating Officer Megan Zweig and General Manager of Consulting Sari Kaganoff. Tom’s extensive experience in healthcare strategy consulting, membership services, and in leading high growth businesses makes him an ideal leader. Tom also serves as an independent director and advisor to several digital health companies in the mental health, population health, and adolescent/teen health spaces. Fortune 500 executives, entrepreneurs, investors, and I myself all turn to Tom for his ready counsel, his wit, and his genuine concern for others.

And with that, today marks another milestone for me and for Rock Health. I recently completed the first close of our next fund, and I am now turning my full attention to Rock Health Capital as its General Partner—something I’ll share more about soon. Right now, however, I want to celebrate the transition in Rock Health’s leadership that this signals: I’m handing off day-to-day leadership of Rock Health Advisory and the President and CEO roles to my friend and colleague, Tom Cassels.

In addition to leading Rock Health Capital as its founder and General Partner, I’ll remain chairman of Rock Health Advisory’s Board of Directors. I’m looking forward to continuing to work closely together with both Tom and Katie, pursuing the one mission our three organizations share—transforming healthcare for all humanity.

Stay tuned. The three of us are just getting started.