Welcoming Katie Drasser as the CEO of Rock Health’s Nonprofit!

Almost a decade ago, Rock Health’s nonprofit laid part of the foundation for digital health when we hosted the first Rock Health Summit, Digital Health CEO Summit, and numerous other initiatives to build a vibrant, interconnected, and inclusive digital health community. The entire digital health industry has grown dramatically over the past decade, and Rock Health as a whole—both our for-profit business and our nonprofit 501(c)(3) sister organization, RockHealth.org—has entered a new chapter in our history.

The past several years in particular have been a period of sustained growth for both Rock Health’s for-profit and our 501(c)(3)—growth that has put us on new footing on both fronts. And as a result of that growth, I am thrilled that Katie Drasser is taking over as the independent CEO to lead Rock Health’s nonprofit!

Katie is a seasoned social impact leader who most recently led the Aspen Institute’s Global Innovators Group as a Managing Director focusing on global efforts to address poverty alleviation, health and human rights, and social justice. Katie’s career has spanned global public health, designing leadership programs, directing content for Aspen Ideas: Health, building startups, and being on the ground floor of one of the first social impact venture funds. She has long championed entrepreneurs and emerging leaders who fight for justice and innovate for change. She shares our values and our spirit, and brings an undaunted drive to our mission to transform health for all of humanity, and bring greater humanity to healthcare. Katie will chart a new path forward for RockHealth.org to support and grow a community of digital health innovators addressing health inequities—while improving the quality, safety, and accessibility of US healthcare.

A leader in digital health and a trusted partner in the nonprofit’s endeavors, Andre Blackman, CEO of Onboard Health shared, “Katie is one of the smartest, most tenacious leaders I know who has a burning desire not only to make the world a better—and healthier—place, but to lift others up and to the forefront in her problem-solving brilliance. By taking the helm at RockHealth.org, Katie is poised to transform the opportunities and deep impact that all of us in this space hope the digital health community can bring to an equitable future—and I am extremely excited to see her bring talented, passionate people together to make that a reality.”

As Chairman and CEO of Rock Health’s for-profit corporation, I’ll of course continue to lead our venture fund and advisory services business. We are all so excited to welcome Katie into the Rock Health family and to support her in realizing the shared vision that drives everything we do.

The best is yet to come!