Podcast: Gaps and opportunities in women’s health and entrepreneurship

Rock Health Podcast Episode 5
With Wildflower Health Co-founder and CEO Leah Sparks and EverlyWell Co-founder and CEO Julia Cheek

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Despite persistent efforts by those in digital health, gender parity in this space remains a huge issue. It’s not due to lack of attention. The front cover of The Atlantic’s April issue asked, “Why is Silicon Valley So Awful to Women?” According to Rock Health research, digital health companies led by men get 91% of all venture deals, leaving few dollars for women-led companies. Only 9% of companies funded in 2016 had a woman CEO—down from the already dismal 11% in 2015—even though women are the primary decision makers in healthcare.

Counter to this trend, we’re seeing lots of success by women entrepreneurs and excitement for women’s health products.

So how are women entrepreneurs navigating this environment? What do they feel is missing from the conversation? And what gaps and opportunities do they see in women’s health?

We spoke with two of them to find out. Leah Sparks, Co-founder and CEO of Wildflower Health is a Rock Health portfolio CEO improving family access to healthcare—starting with pregnancy. Julia Cheek, Co-founder and CEO of EverlyWell is upending the lab experience by enabling patients to take at-home tests, and take control of their health.

Interviewed by Ashlee Adams, Rock Health

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