A new era of consumer engagement

Data from our 2023 survey of 8,000+ consumers on their digital health adoption patterns is in, and the verdict: we're in a new era of consumer engagement. Adoption of virtual care has steadied, hovering around 75% for the past several years. Though most consumers are using virtual care, they are growing more selective about when and how they choose virtual options, and they’re not turning to virtual care for all their care needs. Virtual players are facing more competition from retailers, grocers, and tech-enabled clinics for services like primary care and wellness visits, which means that digital health players will need to double down on delivering value in other ways—via affordability, expanded provider selection, and quick connections to care.

Check out our latest piece on 2023 Survey data for more about the new era of consumer engagement, as well as deep dives into areas like at-home diagnostics and health data sharing preferences.

Rock Health’s Digital Health Consumer Adoption dataset, trended longitudinally since 2015, can be segmented across demographics, health profiles, adoption patterns, and more. Reach out to Rock Health Advisory to explore:
  • What are the top drivers of consumers’ wearable use, and how have these drivers changed over time?
  • How are digital tracking patterns evolving among respondents living with different chronic illnesses (e.g., obesity, diabetes, cancer, sleep disorders, immunological conditions)?
  • Which technology companies are respondents most willing to share their health data with? How have these trends changed?


Digital Therapeutics Maker Better Therapeutics Shutters Operations
DTx company voluntarily requests delisting and seeks a buyer for assets Fierce Biotech

HHS Opens Investigation Into Change Healthcare Cyberattack
Agency to investigate HIPAA compliance and whether protected health data was breached Healthcare Dive

Eli Lilly Partners With Amazon Pharmacy For Home Delivery Of LillyDirect Drugs
Amazon to provide prescriptions for diabetes, migraine, and obesity care Fierce Healthcare

Google Launches AI-Backed Search-And-Answer Tool For Doctors
Microsoft and Oracle also announced new initiatives for AI in clinical settings Healthcare Dive

Mayo Clinic Launches Digital Health Product Pipeline
New initiative aims to connect proven digital health solutions with health system buyers Healthcare Dive

FDA Approves Weight-Loss Drug Wegovy To Reduce Heart-Disease Risks
Last week’s second blockbuster approval following Madrigal’s Rezdiffra for MASH The Washington Post

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