A unicorn in the concrete jungle

Last week, Thirty Madison announced a $140M Series C that propelled the D2C company to unicorn status, clip-clopping apace with the rest of the D2C herd. More interesting to us is their subsequent plan to expand beyond their existing D2C model to target health plans and employers.

While pivots and customer expansions are hallmarks of the startup universe, embracing a business model portfolio approach requires doing two contradictory things at once: operating outside of traditional healthcare infrastructure via D2C marketing and customer acquisition channels while also playing inside the system through employee benefit plans, corporate contracting, and more. Playing the inside-outside game can increase complexity and dilute focus, but those who master it will see the payoff.

We’re looking for a Principal, Engagement Manager, and Analyst to join the Consulting team at Rock Health. This team works at the forefront of innovation, shaping digital health strategy for leading enterprise clients. If you’re excited about digital health and having an outsized impact within a growing team, check out the job descriptions and apply here.


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Recent Funding

  • D2C digital health company Thirty Madison lands $140M to target health plans
  • Pharmacy operator and prescription management software Phil pulls in $56M
  • At-home genomics and COVID-19 testing company Helix brings in $50M
  • Healthcare benefits management platform Nayya adds $37M
  • Community-based care and social work referral marketplace Aunt Bertha gets $27M
  • Medallion, which offers automated credentialing tools for physicians, secures $20M
  • Financial management platform for cancer patients TailorMed lands $20M
  • HumanFirst, which uses sensors to move medical care into patients’ homes, closes $12M
  • Intensive care clinical decision support software Etiometry grabs $9M
  • Genomic data platform provider Genoox secures $8M
  • Authenticx, a voice-based customer service system for healthcare organizations, adds $7.5M
  • Ambient vital monitoring system Norbert Health gets $5M
  • At-home care platform InHomeTherapy lands $3.75M
  • Nue Life Health, a telemedicine platform for psychedelics-assisted mental health, raises $3.3M
  • RxAll, an AI software that authenticates medications, brings in $2.05M