What do you want to know about Trumpcare?

There's a lot of uncertainty and change ahead. We know Trump still wants to replace Obamacare ASAP and favors parts of the plan, including the ban on pre-existing conditions—but not the individual mandate. Vox laid out why keeping “popular part[s] of Obamacare and leav[ing] the rest” is problematic—and wrote this must-read piece on potential replacement plans. Finally, two conservative thinkers, Avik Roy and Doug Holtz-Eakin, explain what's next

We'll be sitting down with experts to discuss what digital health entrepreneurs and stakeholders, specifically, should look for in this transition. What do you want to know? Share your questions about healthcare's future.


AMA Releases Guidance On Safe, Effective Use Of Digital Health Devices
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How Will Trump Affect Digital Health?
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Expect Medicaid To Change, But Not Shrivel, Under Trump
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Apple Researching How iPhones Can Be Used To Monitor Parkinson's Patients
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AARP Survey Finds 8% Of Family Caregivers Buy Remote Monitoring Devices
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Health Technology And Human Touch Need Not Be At Odds
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How Would Biomedical Research Change Under A Trump Administration?
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  • CareCloud raised a $31.5M Series C for its cloud healthcare management platform
  • analyticsMD raised a $13M round for its 'air traffic control' for health systems
  • SF and Zurich-based Ava raised $9.7M for its fertility tracking wearable
  • Cloud-powered health monitoring company Stasis Labs raised $5M

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