Digital health’s unexpected, unprecedented funding run

The first half of 2020 was beset by a perfect storm of maladies. At the end of Q1, we anticipated a swift, pandemic-driven slowdown in digital health funding. While there was a downswing, we couldn’t have predicted the subsequent reversal—funding topped $5.4B in the biggest H1 on record. There has never been a greater need—or demand—for tech-enabled healthcare, a sentiment that investors have resoundingly affirmed.

Read our just-released Midyear Digital Health Market Update for our take on funding and exit activity amidst the rise of virtual care and behavioral health. And go deeper with leaders from Rock Health, Bessemer Venture Partners, Kaiser Permanente Ventures, and Fenwick & West on 7/30 in a conversation about the outlook for digital health. RSVP here.


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