How investors are responding to DC tumult

Digital health investors and founders have weighed in. Despite the DC tumult, they're cautiously optimistic and ready to navigate any policy shifts. This quarter's venture activity reflects this optimism, with 71 digital health deals totaling over $1B—on track with previous years. Read our fresh insights into 2017 digital health funding.

At our annual Digital Health CEO Summit, we heard some CEOs say that providers and health plans are delaying expenditures due to healthcare law uncertainty—and that ACA fanfare is a distraction from core issues and policies healthcare startups should focus on. Read what else we learned from 100+ digital health CEOs during the closed-door event.

For our Q1 report, we’re showcasing categories by # of deals in order to avoid over-representing categories with a single, large deal.

Mark your calendars! We're bringing together over 600 diverse minds from technology, medicine, policy, and beyond for our sixth Rock Health Summit on October 17-18th in San Francisco.

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