Here is the first Theranos pitch deck

First, some news not related to Trump. Before falling from fame, Theranos was like every other startup: pitching investors with poorly formatted PowerPoints. Dan Primack does a great job summarizing and sharing its leaked deck here.

After being silent about healthcare in his inauguration speech, Trump wasted no time signing an executive order to weaken the ACA by instructing federal agencies to provide exemptions if the law creates a burden of just about any kind, particularly the individual mandate. Though largely a political statement (the real power lies with Congress)—here's what Trump can do to unwind the ACA and why. Read more at Vox and Politico.

Still, no details have been divulged about a ‘replace’ plan yet—not at HHS nominee Price’s hearing, nor on the site—but tune into this week's hearings and the GOP retreat.

Thousands marched in support of the ACA during the nationwide protests over the weekend.


  • Nuna launched with $90M to help build a national modernized data platform for Medicaid
  • Behavioral health company SilverCloud Health raised $8.1M for expansion

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