Mr. Bill goes to Washington

Under the 21st Century Cures Act that took effect last week, provider organizations are now mandated to make all electronic health information available to patients. This has been a long time coming, with the goal of empowering individuals to control their own data. But obstacles remain, including a mess of compliance issues, data structuring challenges, and open questions as to how these regulations will be monitored and enforced. And that’s not all from Joe and co. Over the last two weeks, the White House has also released a blueprint for an AI Bill of Rights, hinted at intentions to create a national directory of providers, crystallized the definition of software as a medical device, and more–laying the foundation to protect consumers’ data and improve access to care through the regulation of evolving technologies. As the government's role in digital health infrastructure and regulation continues to evolve, we’re keeping an eye on the implications for digital health stakeholders—and how they will have to adapt.


The State Of Insurance In The United States
The Commonwealth Fund reports that 43% of adults are underinsured MedCity News

Cala Health Evaluates Efficacy Of Wearables As Treatment
Real-world evidence shows wearables can be treatment pathways too MedCity News

Desert Oasis Signs On To Pilot Google Health’s Care Studio
Google continues to move into outpatient care technology Fierce Healthcare

Zipline's Drones To Deliver Medicine In Salt Lake City
It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s… my prescription? TechCrunch

Ro And The NIA Partner To Advance Alzheimer's Research
The pair are working on building a research-eligible patient registry STAT

Meet Florence, WHO's AI-Powered Digital Health Worker
Florence 2.0 will provide guidance on mental and physical health PharmaPhorum

Recent Funding

  • InStride Health, a virtual mental health provider for kids and teens, brings in $26M
  • Katalyst grabs $26M for its at-home electro muscle stimulation (EMS) workout technology
  • Alleva lands $12M for its behavioral health EMR and workflow management solution
  • Precision telemedicine-based primary/preventative care provider Index Health brings in $6M
  • Sonara Health secures $3M for its remote monitoring, dosing, and opioid management app
  • Hume AI finds $3M for its clinical research and healthcare NLP technology