The record-shattering year digital health didn’t see coming

We were surprised that amid one of the most uncertain periods in healthcare policy history, digital health investments saw their strongest quarter yet—since clarity, rather than any particular policy agenda, gives entrepreneurs the confidence to innovate and grow.

Just last quarter, we reported that 2017 was “business as usual” for digital health. Since then, it’s been anything but. The first half of 2017 was record-shattering on a number of fronts, with $3.5B+ across over 180 deals—more than ever before in a half-year. Digging deeper, we’re finding the implications reach beyond the impressive numbers—particularly for startups that continue to mature and innovate no matter the political climate.

Read our analysis in the just-released 2017 Midyear Digital Health Funding report.

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Recent Funding

  • raised $2M to help cancer patients find the latest clinical trials
Read our just-released funding report and see all the deals, including investor stats, founder demographics, and more with our Digital Health Funding Database.