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Reflections on Software-based Decision Science in Healthcare

| December 14, 2012

Software-based decision science has an increasingly meaningful application to health care diagnostic protocols.  Since the goal is to sift through the noise to find the signal,there is no reason not to use computer diagnostic tools as the consulting specialists to extract, or at least identify, substance and variation within the data.  Ideally, this would be in tandem with physical diagnosis from skilled physicians trained to interpret the finer nuance in any given clinical context.

A recent article by The New York Times’ Katie Hafner discussed some of the developments in the field of computer-assisted diagnostics.  It’s understandable that these tools have yet to be integrated into the standard of care for the reasons the article raised, and others - the tools are incomplete just like a physician’s knowledge base, the software takes training and investment to both employ and utilize, and the tools would require extra time in a moment when there isn’t any to spare (a work flow nightmare, as medicine is currently practiced).   (more…)

Rock Boston Startup Spotlight: Podimetrics

| July 19, 2012

Jeff Engler, Co-founder of Podimetrics
What big health care problem are you solving?
Team Podimetrics is committed to freeing the world from diabetic foot ulcers, a condition that leads to 100,000 unnecessary amputations in the US each year.  We met at MIT’s H@cking Medicine Hackathon back in October 2011, and we’ve been working on solving this problem since then. (more…)

10 Tips from a Healthcare VC

| July 17, 2012









This past Thursday, Rock Boston hosted its fifth Rock Session as part of the summer incubation program at Harvard Medical School. Bob Higgins and Robbie Greenglass of Highland Capital Partners (HCP) paid us a special visit, leading a candid discussion with our startups. HCP has made several investments in successful digital health companies, like Redbrick Health and Kryuus.  Here are 10 pieces of advice that emerged from the dialogue: (more…)

Rock Boston!

| May 29, 2012

We are delighted to kick off our third class at Rock Health, joining forces with Harvard Medical School to host our first pop up incubator on the east coast. Boston is a mecca for health care innovators, and with the office nestled among several of the world’s most outstanding hospitals and smack in the center of Harvard’s medical campus, we simply could not ask for a more perfect incubation ecosystem. Harvard’s community of clinicians and industry experts who work across the health care system will bring our startups directly into the hospital trenches. This offers an unparalleled opportunity to pair entrepreneurs and physicians as they work together in the clinical setting to change health care.