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Rock Weekly: Apple makes its next big move in health

| July 21, 2014|Tags:


July 21, 2014

The tech giants know they can’t do it alone. Last week we learned Google is joining forces with Novartis for a glucose sensing contact lens, and that Apple will pair up with IBM on “a radical step for enterprise”. Meanwhile, Microsoft announced they will be laying off 18,000 people.

Speaking of tech workers, our portfolio company Studio Dental—the first dental office on wheels that visits you at work—is now live in San Francisco. Have you made your appointment yet?

Rock Weekly: Obamacare is working (but possibly illegal)

| July 14, 2014|Tags:

Rock Weekly

July 14, 2014

Word is out that Obamacare is working. The newly insured are pretty darn satisfied with their new plans and the uninsured rate just plummeted to the lowest levels in recorded history. While everyone else danced around the maypole, Speaker Boehner slapped a lawsuit on the President for, get this: postponing the employer mandate—and stepping on Congress’s toes, among other things.

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Rock Weekly: Google is just not that into health

| July 07, 2014|Tags:

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July 7, 2014

Last week Google co-founders told Vinod Khosla that they’re just not that into health—though their multiple endeavors say otherwise. Their friends down the peninsula are knee-deep in health, however. Facebook’s science experiment on user emotions is ruffling feathers for its questionable ethics—though the real fear might just be due to the growing power of big data. Don’t worry, Facebook actually has no idea how you feel—at least not yet

2014 digital health funding obliterates record-breaking 2013

| June 30, 2014|Tags:

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June 30, 2014

No big surprises lurked in Google’s announcement of their recently leaked Google Fit platform last week. However, they failed to mention the word ‘health’ once, focusing instead on basic fitness metrics—perhaps still nursing the wounds of their former Google Health and Flu Trends projects. At least Larry Page has healthcare on his mind, reiterating how much he wants to mine your health data. And he’s not the only one.

Want to know the real news of the week? Digital health funding in 2014 already exceeds total funding for all of record-breaking 2013. Sink your teeth into our just-released Midyear Funding report.

Rock Weekly: Google and Apple race to control your health data

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June 16, 2014

Another week, another tech giant’s digital health platform. It looks like Google is planning a comeback in digital health, while Apple feels it’s their moral imperative to move into the space. The feds are looking to cross over too, luring young tech minds to the East Coast to conquer HealthCare.gov 2.0, despite the culture clash.


Rock Weekly: The future of biosensing wearables

| June 09, 2014|Tags:

Rock Weekly

June 9, 2014

As we digested and recovered from the buzz of HealthKit, the giant tech darling learned it may still need to win the trust of the health community, and the next round of Apple health rumors (re: wearable) surfaced. After over a year of research on that particular subject, today we’re releasing our report, The Future of Biosensing Wearables. Dive into the report with us in our live webinar and Q&A in T-1 hour.

Other news last week? Kickstarter is finally opening their crowdfunding platform to health-oriented campaigns. And things are shaping up over at HHS, which got a new Secretary last week (though their friends over at the VA are unfortunately still head hunting.)

Rock Weekly: EHRs have failed. This is why.

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May 27, 2014

Last week, Vinod Khosla reiterated his idea that doctors can’t compete with machines (doctors beg to differ). Until we start calculating medical computer’s performance, Yelping doctors is on the rise. One in four patients now reads physician reviews before making an appointment, despite the fact that some of the best doctors have the worst ratings. But once patients get to the exam room, doctors give their own low ratings—this time to EHRs.


Rock Weekly: Meet the seven newest startups at Rock Health

| May 19, 2014|Tags:

Last week, after a Brookings Institution study declared that the US has become less entrepreneurialover time, we also heard of an impending seven year lull in technology breakthroughs. No need to panic: here’s what digital health VCs are most excited about and why the death of American entrepreneurship has been greatly exaggerated.

Another reason to be optimistic? The sixth group of startups at Rock Health.

The results are in. Here’s which digital health company you think will IPO next.


Rock Weekly: The next digital health IPO is…

| May 12, 2014|Tags:

Rock Weekly
May 12, 2014
Screen Shot 2014-05-11 at 8.24.09 PM

We polled 100 investors on what will be the next digital health IPO and this is what they said. Send us your vote here.

We got a few surprises last week, as Facebook shirked Moves’ previous privacy promises, and everyone was flaunting the discovery of the fountain of youth (i.e., injecting people with young people’s blood).

Rock Weekly: Who really pays for healthcare?

| May 05, 2014|Tags:

Rock Weekly Healthcare economics dominated the airwaves, as CMS proposed to cut payments for hospital readmissions and rallied for even more hospital transparency. Also, it came out that exchange enrollment exceeded its goal – just not in the way it needed to. In hardware news, wearables got a big nod as Amazon rolled out a dedicated site for them and the 75% of consumers that believe they’ll make waves in wellness.

Rock Health companies continue on their winning streak as Wello gets scooped up by weight loss behemoth Weight Watchers to bring virtual workouts to the masses.