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Rock Weekly: Is technology killing the practice of medicine?

| June 15, 2015|Tags:

June 15, 2015

Or is medicine impeding the use of technology? Last week, the AMA delayed setting telemedicine guidelines, even though virtual visits continue to gain steam. And while 78% of office-based physicians use an EHR, 70% don’t believe it was worth it.

Bob Wachter’s latest book The Digital Doctor examines healthcare as it begins adopting information technology. We’re giving away five free copies to the first readers who respond here!

Rock Weekly: AMZN and GOOG compete to control your genome

| June 08, 2015|Tags:

June 8, 2015

Digital health kicked off the month of June with its third IPO of 2015: Evolent Health, which earned a pretty $195M in its first day of trading.

And in Googleverse news: the tech giant is expanding its Baseline pilot to define human health, Sergey Brin defended his glucose-sensing contact lens moonshot project to shareholders, Google Genomics is competing with Amazon for a $1B business to store your DNA—and they’re using AI to count the calories in your Instagrams.

Rock Weekly: Death to the EHR?

| June 01, 2015|Tags:

June 1, 2015

What takes up 50% more of a doctor’s time than caring for patients, was supposed to save $77B for healthcare, just got a funding boost from CMS, and had sweeping changes proposed from AMIA last week? The EHR. A valuable tool or a total disaster? Weigh in here.

Perk for you! We’ve got free passes to the Exposition at the Quantified Self Conferenceon 6/20 in San Francisco, showcasing the latest tools emerging from the QS movement. The first 100 people to redeem with the code rockhealthfree get 100% off.


Rock Weekly: Should the brain be treated as a medical device?

| May 26, 2015|Tags:

Rock Weekly

May 26, 2015

Let’s talk about robots. They’re hyper-accurate, cost-saving, depression-diagnosing—even cute. Regardless of the debate about robots vs. humans, one open question in healthcare remains: if algorithms and robots are more accurate than a human doctor, should the human brain be regulated as a medical device? Either way, we’re jazzed this man is getting his limbs back after four decades thanks to bionics.

We’re also jazzed that portfolio company Stride Health just raised $13M to be the go-to health insurance and HR platform for an entire one-third of the workforce: freelancers. Congrats, team!


Rock Weekly: Which digital health companies will IPO in 2015?

| May 18, 2015|Tags:

Rock Weekly

May 18, 2015

Another week, another $100M digital health IPO filing—this time, Mindbody. On that topic, we polled forty-three investors on which companies they think will IPO in 2015 and this is what they said. Cast your own vote here.


Rock Weekly: What do IBM, Apple, and UHC have in common?

| May 04, 2015|Tags:

Rock Weekly

May 4, 2015

What do IBM, Apple, and UnitedHealthcare have in common? They’re all avid fans of the shifting center of healthcare—helping seniors better access healthcare technology and announcing coverage of telemedicine visits. Good thing consumers are a-ok with taking control of their own health.

Speaking of patient empowerment in the digital age, we have free copies of Eric Topol’s The Patient Will See You Now for five lucky readers who respond here. Happy reading!

Rock Weekly: Announcing our newest investments

| April 27, 2015|Tags:

Rock Weekly

April 27, 2015

Speaking on the state of digital health last week, some called the gap between technology and life sciences “pitiful“, while patients and providers alike are hungry for innovation in the space. Meanwhile, others continue placing huge bets to support its growth (including us).

We’re proud to announce three new investments on the East Coast (and new digs in NYC). Meet 1DocWay, which is bringing telemedicine to underserved populations;Arsenal Health, maker of predictive technology that helps providers optimize bookings; and Caeden, a design-driven company developing truly wearable technology.

Money pours into health insurance startups

| April 13, 2015|Tags:

Rock Weekly

April 13, 2015

What do patient data, EHRs, and health insurance as we know it have in common? They’re all in serious need of an overhaul and dominated the digital health Twitterverse last week. The feds called out EHR vendors for not playing nice in the sandbox when sharing patient records, while money is pouring into startups tackling the outdated world of health insurance—thanks in part to the explosion of health data.

Rock Weekly: Doc fix bill, fantastic or flop for digital health?

| March 30, 2015|Tags:

Rock Weekly

March 30, 2015

Stories of digital health were told ’round the world last week. The UK posted their official guide to mobile health apps (starting with preventive mental health). Iceland became the first nation to map their population’s genome. And here in the U.S., the House passed the ‘doc fix’ bill to change Medicare reimbursement formulas for doctors (here’s why it’s a huge boon for digital health).

Rock Weekly: Healthcare still a sad place for diversity

| March 24, 2015|Tags:

Rock Weekly

March 23, 2015

We’re thrilled to announce our latest investment, Collective Health, which just picked up $38M to bring much-needed modernization to employer-sponsored health insurance. Here’s why we’re finally excited about getting coverage from employers.

In addition to funding remarkable companies, we’re also committed to promoting diversity in the industry. Despite making up 78% of healthcare’s workforce, women represent only 6% of CEOs of funded digital health companies and 21% of the C-suite of Fortune 500 healthcare companies. We can do better. Read more in our just-released, third annual State of Women in Healthcare report.