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Rock Weekly: Can we use data to personalize health care?

| October 27, 2014|Tags:

Rock Weekly

October 27, 2014

Let’s take stock of our progress toward futuristic healthcare. DIY cyborgs? Check. On-demand flu shots? Check. Personalized pills? Eh, not yet. So how can we use new and existing sources of data to deliver better, personalized care? Check out our just-released Rock Report on Predictive Analytics to get the scoop.

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Rock Weekly: Digital health goes to mars

| October 20, 2014|Tags:

October 20, 2014

80M Americans suffer from mental health disorders, though only 10% seek professional care. So we’re excited to announce that our portfolio company Lantern just launched to bring powerful mental health tools straight to your digital devices. And we’re not the only ones over the moon about digital therapies for the mind—literally.

Rock Weekly: These 58 companies have a message for the FDA

| October 13, 2014|Tags:

Rock Weekly

October 13, 2014

Last week, 58 companies spanning tech and health pushed Congress to finally codify some previously-recommended digital health regulations. Meanwhile, HealthKit gained its first EHR integration at a health system, even as the largest wearable maker announced it has no plans to mingle with Apple’s new health platform.


Rock Weekly: The venture darling of digital health

| October 06, 2014|Tags:

Rock Weekly

October 6, 2014

Last week we released our latest funding update, reporting that venture funding in digital health has reached $3B in 2014—smashing the total for this time last year by 2X. Big data and analytics took home the gold for total dollars raised: so it’s no surprise that another data-hungry tech giant just revealed it’s plans for health. Get the scoop on the data behind the dollars. Read what digital health is (and isn’t).

Rock Weekly: Why big data didn’t detect Ebola

| September 29, 2014|Tags:

Rock Weekly

September 29, 2014

The CDC released some dire predictions for Ebola last week. And as it turns out, the good old World Health Organization beat out big data in detecting Ebola after all. Still have hope for big data? Us too. Join Rock Health and Cloudera for a Healthcare Data Happy Hour & Roundtable in NYC on the eve of Strata!

Cozy up with our just-released videos from Health Innovation Summit. Enjoy!

Rock Weekly: Why millennials should be scared for their health

| September 22, 2014|Tags:

Rock Weekly

September 22, 2014

Let’s take a minute to remind ourselves why we’re all here: healthcare is messed up (and we’re going to fix it). As if burned-out doctors, and outrageous healthcare admin costs aren’t enough—here’s why millennials should be scared for their health. But they’re also hopeful—“The next generation is hungry. They see the problems in the system.” This is why one med student is still determined to be an internist.

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Rock Weekly: Google acquires Rock Health company in biotech push

| September 15, 2014|Tags:


September 15, 2014

The US may have entered a new, “pay less, get more” era of healthcare—but don’t start the party just yet. The Apple Watch didn’t wow the health industry, and the US seems to be losing its scientific momentum. At least neurodegenerative science projects are getting a special boost—from Google. Calico just teamed up with UT Southwestern to develop treatments for Parkinson’s and ALS, and Google[x] acquired Rock Health portfolio company Lift Labs to give people with tremor the ability to eat again.

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Rock Weekly: Apple announces its comprehensive health and fitness device

| September 09, 2014|Tags:

Rock Weekly

The veil was finally lifted on the two most top-secret (and divergent) projects in digital health. Today, Apple revealed its long-rumored smart watch, the Apple Watch, “a comprehensive health and fitness device” to track physical activity and heart rate, and motivate you to reach daily goals—in addition to an improved motion chip, the M8, to better track activity on the iPhone. Elsewhere on the peninsula, the illusive Calico announced a $1.5B R&D center to house their death-fighting campaign.

If that isn’t enough excitement for you, our portfolio company Wellframe just raised $8.5M to improve patient-provider relationships with its artificial intelligence platform. Congrats, team!


Rock Weekly: Inside Apple’s big announcement next week

| September 02, 2014|Tags:

Rock Weekly

September 2, 2014

Apple has everyone excited over its suspected unveiling of a health device next week—a supposed $400 wearable that likely won’t ship till 2015. No rush: Gartner says mobile health still needs another 5-10 years before reaching its “plateau of productivity” and widespread market adoption.

It’s the final days for SXSW panel voting—but we’ve got you covered. Here are the five panels you need to vote for to give SXSW the dose of digital health it deserves.

Rock Weekly: “The FDA is no longer the primary authority on innovation”

| August 25, 2014|Tags:

Rock Weekly

San Francisco was rattled last week, and not just by the earthquake. At our packed Health Innovation Summit, Genentech CEO Ian Clark declared its intentions with digital health, the inventor of the Google contact lens dished about his move to Amazon, and Vivek Wadhwa proclaimed that the FDA is no longer the primary authority on innovation. It’s no surprise that Todd Park wants back in on the action in Silicon Valley, stepping down as US CTO—and bringing the White House with him.