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Rock Weekly: Why tech companies are flocking to healthcare

| December 15, 2014|Tags:


In the last decade, healthcare innovation has gone from “the entrepreneurial equivalent of Siberia” to…well, Silicon Valley. As healthcare finds new entrants from tech, consumers expect them to be closely watched over by the government. Surgeons on the other hand, perhaps they should be self-regulating.

Speaking of entrepreneurs from tech, today we are excited to announce the launch of Hi.Q, led by Rock Health entrepreneur and Like.com founder Munjal Shah. Download Health IQ.

Rock Weekly: Data is just a shadow of human experience

| December 09, 2014|Tags:


“Data is just a shadow of human experience. We still need to connect the dots,” Smart Patients founder and Rock Health entrepreneur Roni Zeiger argued last week. Luckily, healthcare may finally be ready for big data—just so long as the algorithms don’t ruin your life.

On the regulatory front, our friends across the pond gave everyone’s favorite at-home genetic test the green light while Zenefits is rocking the insurance world’s boat because of its free software.

Rock Weekly: The only two reasons to give up equity

| December 01, 2014|Tags:


December 1, 2014

Over turkey dinners last week, people discussed a mysterious trend where so-called accelerators take startup equity (up to 10%!) without giving a dollar. What’s our thought on the subject? Companies should give equity for one of two things—work or cash.

Here’s some more clarity to be thankful for: read up on the latest draft bill on digital health making its way through Washington, which would limit the FDA’s oversight on technology that poses little risk to patients.

Rock Weekly: Digital health investments are soaring

| November 24, 2014|Tags:

Rock Weekly

November 24, 2014

So HHS flubbed the math on health exchange enrollment, erroneously inflating it with 380K dental plans. Real score? 6.7M enrollees. Tired of the kerfuffle? Here’s your open enrollment tip: use Stride Health, an insurance-shopping-entrepreneur’s BFF.

Heads up: your Fitbit data can and will be used against you in court, and so may your rapid DNA test.

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Rock Weekly: Get a job.

| November 17, 2014|Tags:


November 17, 2014

We’re thrilled to announce our latest investment, Iodine, which gives people insight into their health—starting with the medicine cabinet. Speaking of badass startups, you should join us too—submit your deck by this Thursday, November 20th.

PS: Spread the word—we’re hiring!

Rock Weekly: Can we use data to personalize health care?

| October 27, 2014|Tags:

Rock Weekly

October 27, 2014

Let’s take stock of our progress toward futuristic healthcare. DIY cyborgs? Check. On-demand flu shots? Check. Personalized pills? Eh, not yet. So how can we use new and existing sources of data to deliver better, personalized care? Check out our just-released Rock Report on Predictive Analytics to get the scoop.

Then you should join us for the webinar on Thursday at 1pm PT.


Rock Weekly: Digital health goes to mars

| October 20, 2014|Tags:

October 20, 2014

80M Americans suffer from mental health disorders, though only 10% seek professional care. So we’re excited to announce that our portfolio company Lantern just launched to bring powerful mental health tools straight to your digital devices. And we’re not the only ones over the moon about digital therapies for the mind—literally.

Rock Weekly: These 58 companies have a message for the FDA

| October 13, 2014|Tags:

Rock Weekly

October 13, 2014

Last week, 58 companies spanning tech and health pushed Congress to finally codify some previously-recommended digital health regulations. Meanwhile, HealthKit gained its first EHR integration at a health system, even as the largest wearable maker announced it has no plans to mingle with Apple’s new health platform.


Rock Weekly: The venture darling of digital health

| October 06, 2014|Tags:

Rock Weekly

October 6, 2014

Last week we released our latest funding update, reporting that venture funding in digital health has reached $3B in 2014—smashing the total for this time last year by 2X. Big data and analytics took home the gold for total dollars raised: so it’s no surprise that another data-hungry tech giant just revealed it’s plans for health. Get the scoop on the data behind the dollars. Read what digital health is (and isn’t).

Rock Weekly: Why big data didn’t detect Ebola

| September 29, 2014|Tags:

Rock Weekly

September 29, 2014

The CDC released some dire predictions for Ebola last week. And as it turns out, the good old World Health Organization beat out big data in detecting Ebola after all. Still have hope for big data? Us too. Join Rock Health and Cloudera for a Healthcare Data Happy Hour & Roundtable in NYC on the eve of Strata!

Cozy up with our just-released videos from Health Innovation Summit. Enjoy!