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Rock Weekly: One last glitch for Kathleen Sebelius

| April 14, 2014|Tags:

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In case you missed the news last week, our portfolio companies dominated the funding charts, including drchrono, Wellframe, and Andreessen Horowitz’s first major health investment — Omada Health.

However, Beltway Insiders had a particularly rough week. HHS got a new Secretary after Sebelius’ flubbed farewell speech and HealthCare.gov rollout, rumors of the NSA exploiting Heartbleed surfaced, and we got wind of the Medicare Millionaires — the top 2% of providers collecting $15.2B in total payouts.


Rock Weekly: The top digital health deals of Q1

| April 07, 2014|Tags:

Rock Weekly

Digital health is increasingly whetting venture appetites — with a record breaking $700M pouring into the space in the last quarter alone. Dive into our just-released Q1 funding review to get the details.

Elsewhere in the industry, the FDA announced it won’t expand it’s regulatory scope of mobile health, 1/3 of wearable users are ditching their devices after six months, and AI achieved 41.9% better diagnostic accuracy than trained physicians.

Rock Weekly: Maryland gives up

| March 31, 2014|Tags:

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Last week, we learned that Facebook is vying for a spot in the telemedicine space. Their advantage? They already know everything about you. Government, the other know-it-all, may just reach its original 7M insured goal, though Maryland just gave up on its health exchange and most uninsured people have no idea today is the deadline for open enrollment.

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Rock Weekly: Larry Page wants to make your health data public

| March 24, 2014|Tags: , ,


March 24, 2014

Last week at TED, Larry Page called for patient health records to become a public utility, despite the impossibility of maintaining privacy. Apple’s rumored  might be a good place to begin mining data. Chatter around the technology giant’s healthcare ambitionsincreased last week after designs detailing personal health tracking were leaked.

You may have noticed that Larry took the TED stage sans-Glass, probably because our portfolio company Augmedix just raised $3.2M to bring all available units to the doctor’s office.


Rock Weekly: The failure of Google Flu Trends

| March 17, 2014|Tags: , ,


March 17, 2014

Last week, Castlight’s stock soared 149% in its first day of trading while co-founder and US CTO Todd Park continued working on HealthCare.gov. POTUS did his part too by appearing on Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis and generating record referral traffic to the ACA’s website.

Worried about the open enrollment deadline? We’ve got you covered — literally. We’re excited to announce that Rock Health portfolio company Stride Health just launched to make health insurance more human. Visit and find coverage tuned and tailored just for you.

Rock Weekly: The Pentagon wants to merge you with robots

| March 10, 2014|Tags: ,


March 10, 2014

Digital health took SXSW by storm (literally) as Anne Wojcicki laid out her vision for the future of preventative medicine, ThriveOn took home the gold at the SXSW Accelerator, Bill Nye declared that technology, science, and startups are intimately related, and we brought the bacon, booze, and biosensors to SXSWearables.

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Rock Weekly: The FDA Digital Health Showdown Begins

| March 03, 2014|Tags: ,


March 3, 2014

The showdown over mobile medical app regulation heated up last week as Congress introduced a bill to strip the FDA of digital health oversight. Meanwhile, 42% of docs won’t prescribe apps due to lack of regulation.

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Rock Weekly: 10 healthcare things cheaper than WhatsApp

| February 24, 2014|Tags: , ,

Rock Weekly

February 24, 2014

What are ten things in healthcare cheaper than WhatsApp? For one, MMR vaccines for every child in the world, six times over.

Last week, our portfolio companies flooded the airwaves, including Sessions’ acquisition by MyFitnessPal. In case you missed it, you can find another Rock Health deluge at HIMSS this week — catch The Activity Exchange, Amplify Health, drchrono, Factor 14, Mango Health, Moxe Health, and Wellframe at the healthcare bonanza.

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Rock Weekly: Deconstructing the Castlight IPO

| February 17, 2014|Tags:

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February 17, 2014

Last week we learned some interesting numbers: An estimated 17M wearable bands will ship this year, Jawbone has a $3B valuation, and Castlight booked $13M in revenue in 2013.  We also went ahead and read every word of Castlight’s S-1 filing so you could kick back and enjoy the tl;dr version.

Today we’re proud to announce Rock Health’s latest investment, Ambient Clinical Analytics. Ambient is enabling better real-time decision-making in the ICU and emergency rooms.

Rock Weekly: 5 signs Apple is making a health product

| February 03, 2014|Tags: , , ,


February 3, 2014

Funding in January smashed records and the second digital health IPO of the year is already knocking at the door as Castlight Health secretly files to go public at a $2B valuation. We’re now convinced that Apple is setting its sights on digital health — here arefive signs Apple is making a health product.

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