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Rock Weekly: Unintended consequences of digital health

| March 02, 2015|Tags:

Rock Weekly

March 2, 2015

We’re (obviously) over the moon about the growing popularity of digital health—but unintended consequences grow alongside innovation. For one, as the line between patient and consumer gets blurred, so do the regulatory roles of the FDA and theFTC. And let’s not ignore the fact that medical identity theft has risen sharply. We love that healthcare is becoming increasingly digital, but let’s proceed with caution.

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Rock Weekly: The FDA approval you’ve been waiting for

| February 23, 2015|Tags:


February 23, 2015

Last week the FDA gave our friends at 23andMe a big green light to market genetic testing for one specific disease—and announced plans to re-classify similar tests moving forward.

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Rock Weekly: How healthcare reform fuels digital health

| February 16, 2015|Tags:


February 16, 2015

A huge chunk of the 125% growth in digital health funding has flowed to companies embracing new healthcare reform-fueled business models. From telemedicine to consumer engagement and HITECH to HealthKit, become an expert with our series about how healthcare legislation is shaping the digital health landscape.

Rock Weekly: Hackers love healthcare

| February 09, 2015|Tags:

Rock Weekly

February 9, 2015

“Every smart tech person I know is working in healthcare,” said legendary investor John Doerr at our CEO Summit last week. Healthcare is hot—and clearly so is (stealing) health data, helped by the fact that the industry’s cybersecurity lags far behind other sectors (which the FBI warned of last April).

23andMe Co-founder and CEO Anne Wojcicki onstage with This Week in Startups host Jason Calacanis at our Digital Health CEO Summit

Rock Weekly: Is HIPAA good enough?

| February 02, 2015|Tags:


February 2, 2015

POTUS praised EMRs, wearables, and data for their impact on the future of medicine, and called on entrepreneurs (and investors) to create tools for patients as part of the newly-unveiled Precision Medicine Initiative. Needless to say, sharing genetic data is pretty key to the whole project. Conveniently, the FTC just said it thinks HIPAA isn’t good enough to protect patient data.

Rock Weekly: Where’s the exit?

| January 26, 2015|Tags:

Rock Weekly

January 26, 2015

While digital health may be lagging on the public market, conversations about the industry dominated Inside the Beltway last week. POTUS kicked everything off by announcing the Precision Medicine Initiative (more on what it needs to actually work here), while the ONC declared it would better help entrepreneurs navigate HIPAA compliance. (FYI, these companies can too.)

Rock Weekly: Are wearables getting creepy?

| January 12, 2015|Tags:

January 12, 2015

The deluge of CES wearable and health device debuts has come to a close, and discussions were apparently “much more grounded” this year. Marc Benioff said wearable data is “heading to creepy” and the FTC chairwoman expressed concern about privacy in the era of connected devices. But as it turns out, most Americans are just fine sharing their health data for research—and companies are taking them up on it.

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Rock Weekly: 2014 funding obliterates records

| January 05, 2015|Tags:


January 5, 2015

If it wasn’t obvious which technology trend was most exciting in 2014, let’s clarify that digital health took the cake. Over $4.1B filled the coffers of 258 companies, nearly topping the total of the prior three years combined. Get pumped—an entire year’s worth of trends and analysis await you in our 2014 Digital Health Funding Year End Report.

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Rock Weekly: Is digital health dangerous?

| December 29, 2014|Tags:


December 29, 2014

While everyone gathered around the yule log last week, the headlines countered with some spooky stories about healthcare technology—on everything from hospital hacks to scammy apps and worrisome wearables. Then news broke about bionic pancreases and the thirty-one digital health apps that gained FDA clearance this year to brighten everyone up in time for New Year’s.

It was in fact a huge year for digital health. Learn more in our free 2014 Digital Health Funding: Year In Review webinar on Wednesday, January 7th.

Rock Weekly: Healthcare is the future of everything important

| December 22, 2014|Tags:


December 22, 2014

In just three short years, healthcare has gone from being Google’s least favorite area to representing more than one-third of its 2014 investments, totaling more than $150M this year. With ambition ranging from genomics to regeneration to anti-aging, it might be time to consider that the tech giant best known for its omnipotent search box will be fueling the next era of medical innovation.

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