Be more human

In his dynamic last column, Walt Mossberg advised caution amid the (exciting and) impending new age of ambient technology touching our health, homes, and more. Reflecting on grief, health, and the digital age after a devastating personal loss, digital health futurist Maneesh Junja urged balance and humanism for our technologically-charged world. 
Another person dead set on humanizing healthcare? Andy Slavitt, former CMS Administrator. Read about his latest endeavor and catch him among our speakers and 600 attendees at our sixth annual Rock Health Summit on 10/17-18. Snag your spot before we sell out.

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  • Wellness engagement company Sharecare raised $100M
  • Remote monitoring sensor maker VitalConnect closed $33M
  • Clinical trial tool maker Medrio raised $30M, its first round in 12 years
  • Genome Medical raised $12M to train genetic experts
  • Viz, which applies AI to medical imaging, nabbed $7.5M
  • A SurveyMonkey alum raised $3.7M for the personalized fitness app Gixo she co-founded
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