Data and discourse, post-Dobbs

When the news broke in June that the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade in the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization case, we noted that there were more questions than answers ahead for patients and healthcare stakeholders alike. Since then, we’ve seen the Dobbs decision carry serious implications for people who digitally discuss or track their menstruation and fertility—with possible repercussions for health tracking more broadly. Ultimately, there may come a time when we look at health data tracking in “pre-Dobbs” and “post-Dobbs” timeframes. In seeking to better understand these longitudinal changes, we reviewed data from Rock Health’s 2021 Digital Health Consumer Adoption Survey to establish a baseline for how and to what extent menstruating people across the U.S. have tracked their periods and fertility—and what changes might come next. Read our latest for the breakdown of 2021 data and a look ahead, along with the questions that digital health founders, investors, and enterprise leaders should be asking about their approaches to health data management.

+ Beyond data, there’s discourse. Tune into a virtual Rock Health Summit 2022 panel featuring prominent experts in women+ health Dr. Michele Goodwin, UC Irvine; Erika Seth Davies, Rhia Ventures; Dr. Megan Ranney, Brown University; Kate Ryder, Maven Clinic; moderated by Jennifer Yoo, Fenwick & West LLP, as they unpack how digital health can show up as implications of the Dobbs ruling continue to unfold.

We’re honored to host these inspiring leaders, and look forward to unpacking other important digital health topics at Rock Health Summit 2022 on September 14. For more essential conversations, register for a virtual Rock Health Summit ticket.


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