Does wellness have a business model?

Apple is doubling down to take the Watch beyond wellness, teaming up with Stanford on a major study to determine if the device can detect abnormal heart rhythms. Users have already claimed it saved their life. In response, investor Lisa Suennen claimed that “wellness, sadly, does not have a long term business model,” while digital health scoop queen Chrissy Farr duly noted, “the FDA is going to be busy!” Good thing the FDA is getting serious about how to regulate digital health. Case in point: they just cleared the first app to treat substance abuse.

Recent Funding

  • 23andMe raised a $250M round led by Sequoia to build out drug discovery, reduce IPO pressure
  • SPR Therapeutics got $25M for its pain management wearable
  • With a fresh $24M, Call9 is scaling its care delivery platform for nursing, rehab centers
  • Fertility startup Carrot raised $3.6M to make IVF and egg-freezing more affordable


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