Red, white, and glue

Clinical practice is a complex dance of balancing clinical, financial, and administrative tasks, and it’s hard to do gracefully. Physicians spend an average of 16 minutes during each patient visit logging data into an EHR (hello, burnout!), and the likelihood of clinicians leaving their organizations has been correlated to dissatisfaction with their IT systems. But as a perfect storm of factors collide—with health systems and insurers working to meet Cures Act requirements; tech players like Oracle stepping in with the acquisition of EHR vendor Cerner; plus investors loading health data infrastructure and interoperability startups with a record $2.2B in funding in 2021—the times may finally be a-changin’ for data innovation. Check out our latest piece for a summary of the current interoperability landscape (with a huge hat tip to interoperability pioneers, from FHIR warriors to Blue Button champions and beyond), and a look toward the opportunities that health data transformation opens for new business models and improved care delivery.

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