Reimagining opportunity and innovation in digital health

In 2020, Rock Health shared the Diversity in Digital Health survey and report, which highlighted the inequality in access to venture investment for women founders and founders of color. Those findings revealed significant funding gaps and signaled an opportunity to invest in a broader set of entrepreneurs. In the time since, through countless conversations with digital health leaders—and the expansion of our own research—we recognized the chance to dig in and do more. Today, we’re publishing’s initial report—Reimagining Opportunity and Innovation in Digital Health—which identifies six near-term opportunities for change and tactical actions to increase support for underrepresented and underfunded innovators. While there are no easy fixes, we hope this work, as a foundational element of’s new Equitable Investments Initiative, will build on the existing pool of knowledge and continue the momentum to support leaders that are building groundbreaking solutions. Read on to learn more about how to meaningfully support the efforts of diverse innovators across digital health.

We’ll be sharing more about’s publication and the Equitable Investments Initiative at Rock Health Summit this Wednesday, September 14. We’re sold out of in-person tickets, but register to join us virtually and be a part of the conversation.


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