“None of your business”

Digital health couldn't stop talking about health data last week, which grows by 48% volume each year and is key to huge health breakthroughs—and headaches. Here were some of the highlights: 

  • Providing patients access to their records remains a charged issue. While discussing the 21st Century Cures Act implementation, Epic's CEO doubted patients' ability to understand their medical records and questioned Joe Biden about why he'd want access to his. His response: "None of your business."
  • Data is messy. 80% of the 665 terabytes of data hospitals produce each year is unstructured. As John Quackenbush aptly said, “We don’t have a ‘big data problem," but a "messy data problem." 
  • Data emphasizes bias. We need to ensure it doesn't exacerbate health inequities.
  • Data might upend insurance. Here's one viewpoint.

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