Home is where the healthcare is

Who isn’t vying to own the home healthcare market? An array of major players—including Amazon Care, Intermountain, and Ascension—are teaming up to advocate for policy changes to designate the home as a site of clinical service. Policy changes could open new reimbursement and access opportunities, but in the meantime, enterprises and startups alike are rapidly expanding their at-home offerings: Best Buy Health is partnering with Apple Watch to offer on-demand health assistance, Walgreens expanded its Find Care platform to connect consumers with digital health services, online pharmacy Ro is now vaccinating seniors in their homes, and a recent study showed reduced lower back pain from home-based therapeutic VR.

A few Rock Health updates: please join us in welcoming Katie Drasser, the new CEO of Rock Health’s nonprofit! And if you’re looking for your next gig, check out our open positions in Rock Health’s for-profit organization: Research Associate and Consulting Analyst.


Virta Prevents Progression To Type 2 Diabetes In 97% Of Prediabetes Patients
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Quest Diagnostics, 98point6 Team Up To Incorporate Patient Labs Into Telehealth
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Eli Lilly, Welldoc Collaborate On New Version Of BlueStar Platform
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Amazon Care’s Health Provider Has Filed Paperwork To Operate In 17 More States
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Gatorade’s Gx Sweat Patch Delivers Fitness Guidance To Athletes’ Phones
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Tracking Weight Loss With Digital Health Tools May Help Reduce Obesity
+ 54% of Rock Health Consumer Adoption respondents digitally track a health metric MedicalNewsToday | (Tweet)

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