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December Event Digest

| December 09, 2013|Tags:

While you might be tempted to hibernate this winter, resist the urge, and check out some of these top notch events.  This is the first post in what will be a monthly series featuring the best events across healthcare and technology.  Got ideas? Email us.

This month–

12/6-8, Health Foo, Boston
Check out last year’s roundup of this invite-only unconference.

12/8-12/11, mHealth Summit, Washington DC
We’re here this week!  Poke us at if you want to say hi.

12/9, Lean Startup Conference, San Francisco
Upcoming in January –

1/8-9, Digital Health Summit at CES, Las Vegas
Baller event at the biggest conference in the country.  Rock Health CEO Halle Tecco will be speaking.  Stay tuned for our guide to this year’s conference.  (Check out last year’s here.)

1/20, EmTech, Singapore
CEO Halle Tecco will be giving a solo talk at Marina Bay Sands.

1/21-22, Health IT Summit, San Diego



Rock Weekly: Like the letter of a jilted lover

| December 02, 2013|Tags:

December 2, 2013

Over turkey dinners last week, the conversation turned to genomics and the tech surge. There was no shortage of opinions on the FDA’s letter to 23andMe (“It reads like the letter of a jilted lover,” said Duke professor Misha Angrist, while Matthew Herper penned the harshly titled “23andStupid?“), amid claims that the FDA had not heard from the company since May.

Not everyone took Thanksgiving off, as developers for worked over the holiday to meet the November 30th promise that the site would be functional for the majority of users.  Yesterday, the Obama administration said that they met their deadline for significant improvements to the site and that it was “night and day from where it was on October 1st.”


Holiday Gift Guide: Black Friday Edition

| November 28, 2013

In honor of Black Friday, we dug up some great digital health gifts and threw in some special deals from our friends.  Averse to chaos?  All of these products are available online.

Gadgets galore

withingsSmart body analyzer
The latest from Withings, the smart body analyzer measures and tracks your weight, heart rate, and indoor air quality, among other metrics, and wirelessly syncs with your smartphone.  Get a smart body analyzer.



beambrushPump-up toothbrush
Trouble getting going before the workday? Need a little extra boost? Music nut?  Try the Beam Brush, a toothbrush with an embedded sensor and smartphone app that tells you if you’re brushing habits are what they should be.  It also can play a two minute song of your choice, so you can rock out to Bieber first thing.  Perfect for that kid who never wants to brush.   Buy the Beam Brush on Cyber Monday and get 40% off with discount code Rock40.  


shineA wearable wearable
Misfit Wearables has released new colors of the Shine just in time for the holidays, and is offering a special Black Friday deal at Best Buy: $20 off a Shine and wristband combo.  Get the special Black Friday deal here. (more…)

Q&A with Mood Tracking Expert Jon Cousins

| November 19, 2013

Jon Cousins is founder of Moodscope, an online mood tracking tool and community.  We grilled him on the benefits of mood tracking, the Hawthorne effect, and user engagement.

What are the top benefits of mood tracking?
I think the single biggest advantage of tracking your mood is that it gives you a sense of perspective. One can tend to live in the moment and forget that it hasn’t always been like this, particularly if you’re going through a rough patch. Keeping a record of your mood gives you incontrovertible evidence that things have been better in the past. And if that’s true, it surely gives you hope that life can get better again in the future.

It also feels as though there’s real value in quantifying your mood, pinning a number on what can otherwise seem like a very intangible quality. Without some kind of measure, how will you know whether you really do or don’t feel different from yesterday?

How does the social element of Moodscope drive results?
When Jonny, a friend, asked to see my own daily mood scores, I discovered by accident that this process in and of itself led to big improvements in my mental wellbeing. We arranged that he’d receive an automatic notification every time I recorded a score, which meant that he could offer a degree of support if I needed it, but without me having to ask for it.

If my mood took a tumble, Jonny would ask why, sometimes simply sending a one-character email message – ‘?’. I’d then try to rationalize and explain the cause of my low mood, which nearly always helped me to externalize my feelings as a natural response to some adverse kind of experience.

This externalization really helped. It’s common to do just the opposite when you’re depressed – to assume that your low mood is entirely self-driven, rather than being caused by events that are at times beyond your control. (more…)

Rock Health CEO Halle Tecco Named One of the 100 Most Intriguing Entrepreneurs by Goldman Sachs

| October 28, 2013


Rock Health CEO Halle Tecco has been named as one of the 100 Most Intriguing Entrepreneurs of 2013 by Goldman Sachs.  Tecco will be recognized as part of Goldman Sachs Builders + Innovation Summit going on this week in Marana, Arizona.

The event aims to pair veteran and emerging entrepreneurs — the so-called builders and innovators — from a diverse set of industries to the potential of innovation to reshape businesses of the future.

Tecco was also named one of Forbes’ 30 under 30, one of CNN’s Entrepreneurs Reinventing Healthcare, and was flagged by the NextWeb as one of the 8 Women Following Marissa Mayer to Major CEO-dom.

Visual Wednesdays: 8 New Technologies Revolutionizing Health & Fitness

| August 21, 2013

Rock Weekly: How do you sleep at night?

| August 19, 2013





August 19th, 2013

Digital health is going mainstream.  Case in point: more and more people are turning to their phones for a better night’s sleep.  And we’re psyched, because from MyFitnessPal to Fitbit, it was a kickass week for digital health funding.

We’re still glowing from HiSum.  Check out exclusive video of Steve Blank from the event – more coming soon!

This week is XX in Health Week! Learn more about the state of women in health.

Rock Weekly: If you aren’t getting escorted out of a hospital, you aren’t trying hard enough

| August 12, 2013




August 12th, 2013

Our 3rd Health Innovation Summit was a smashing success (check out photos here). We dove into wearables, heard some memorable quotables (Steve Blank: “If you aren’t getting escorted out of a hospital, you aren’t trying hard enough”), and had the first dance-off ever held at a healthcare conference.  It happened.  

Get into the groove with this week’s headlines.  (more…)

Rock Weekly: Teletherapy, Tumblr’d

| August 05, 2013

August 5, 2013
Lots of pots brewing at Rock Health right now. This Thursday and Friday is our sold-out Health Innovation Summit. Didn’t score a ticket? If StubHub fails, follow along via our #HiSum Twitter list.

In the meantime, dig into this week’s headlines.


Rock Weekly: Why Some Innovations Spread Faster Than Others

| July 29, 2013

July 15, 2013
We weren’t the only ones excited about moves Apple was making last week. Signs that the electronics icon was moving into medical devices for consumers sparked rumor and debate. We’re sure that this is only the beginning of bringing what was traditionally confined to the clinic to anywhere we want it.

Health Innovation Summit is almost here! Ticket prices go up Thursday, so if you get in before then, you save $250. It’ll be next level – you don’t want to miss it.