The genomics inflection point: Implications for healthcare

Digital health funding 2016 midyear review

Why digital health should care about genomics

Thanks to ongoing advancements in the field of genomics and unprecedented interest from a range of stakeholders including health systems, researchers, the government, and the general public, genetic testing has the potential to reshape healthcare through personalized interventions. Delivering on the promise of genomics is dependent upon three main factors, most of which are within the purview of digital health.

How you’re promoting gender bias on teams—and how to stop.

Biases can happen at any stage of employment by even the most ‘progressive’ of employers—from hiring to performance reviews. They skew the balance in not just who is on your team but who makes up leadership—and how and what decisions are made for the company. So what can you do to overcome unconscious prejudice?

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Expanding the impact of Rock Health’s community

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