The new era of consumer engagement: Insights from Rock Health’s ninth annual Consumer Adoption Survey

From buzzword to business case: Constructing AI use cases for pharma

A two-phase approach for pharma leaders to build AI use cases and ask the right questions to get to business decisions.

2023 year-end digital health funding: Break on through to the other side

Digital health at the turn of 2024: Tracking developments along the innovation maturity curve

Expanding digital health’s impact in 2023 at

At the close of 2023, a letter to friends of

Equitable approaches to digital health drive more powerful innovation

Approaching digital health through proximate perspectives, ongoing learning and trusted collaboration leads to more sustainable and impactful innovation

Harnessing the power of community through people, places, and purpose

Building connections, fostering relationships, and providing space to learn propels digital health innovation

Next gen innovation: Opportunities in pediatric digital health

On the road to impact: Mile markers for early-stage digital health startups

Insights from Rock Health Advisory’s 2023 Digital Health Startup Benchmarking Survey

Designing for the new frontier: Reflections from Rock Health Summit 2023

Three takeaways on person-centered care from Rock Health Summit 2023

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