Want to build something useful? You should know about Stride Health

The Affordable Care Act’s individual mandate and the explosion of health data set the stage for a huge number of ...

How to build a digital health company: learnings from female founders

Only 6% of funded digital health companies have a female founder. #wecandobetter Last week we released our State of

Rock Weekly: Doc fix bill, fantastic or flop for digital health?

March 30, 2015 Stories of digital health were told 'round the world last week. The UK posted their official ...

Radical consumer-first ideas are necessary to revolutionize healthcare

Alejandro Foung, Co-founder and CEO, Lantern With 14.1 Americans gaining coverage under Obamacare, more ...

Rock Weekly: Healthcare still a sad place for diversity

March 23, 2015 We’re thrilled to announce our latest investment, Collective Health, which just picked up $38M to ...

The State of Women in Healthcare: An Update

Women make up only 6% of digital health CEOs funded in the last four years. We surveyed over 400 women in the industry to better understand the sentiment around gender discrimination. 96% of the women we surveyed believe gender discrimination still exists. And almost half of them cited gender as one of the biggest hurdles they’ve faced professionally.

Welcome Collective Health

Each fall, tens of millions of people are subjected to the annual ritual of open enrollment. This staple of ...

Rock Weekly: Apple:breadth as Google:depth

March 16, 2015 In less than 24 hours, Apple’s new ResearchKit did what would take 50 medical centers a whole year ...

The most important API you’ve never heard of

Everything you need to know about new FHIR standards for EHR interoperability.

The shifting center of care

How health care legislation has—and continues to—shift the center of care into the home for digital health patient management solutions.

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