Fuelling change in Australia’s healthcare through technology

Melia Rayner, Portable Studios Social change through technology is all around us, in the way we shop, communicate,

Rock Weekly: 10 healthcare things cheaper than WhatsApp

February 24, 2014 What are ten things in healthcare cheaper than WhatsApp? For one, MMR vaccines for every child ...

10 things in healthcare that are cheaper than WhatsApp

The technology world was buzzing last week as news of the WhatsApp acquisition spread. Less than two years after ...

There’s a New ‘W’ in Town: Join us for SXSWearables at SXSW 2014

One of the biggest emerging trends in tech this year is the popularity of wearables. Wrist-worn activity trackers ...

Seven strategies for telehealth to shape the future of healthcare delivery

Holly May is a consultant at Health Advances. The standard medical encounter today is local and synchronous: a ...

Visual Wednesdays: The Virtual Waiting Room

Rock Weekly: Deconstructing the Castlight IPO

  February 17, 2014 Last week we learned some interesting numbers: An estimated 17M wearable ...

Deconstructing the Castlight S-1

After spending the week with Castlight Health’s S-1 filing, one clear fact emerged: Castlight is an extraordinarily young company. Despite how long many of us have tracked the company, the S-1 notes Castlight only sold and implemented its first customer in 2010. Four years later, and the company is preparing for a $100M IPO that will value it at a rumored $2 billion. We dug into the three years of operating history and other notes about the digital health company in the S-1 to make sense of the offering. Here are five things we learned:

Reinventing Life Science Startups Part II: The Rise of Digital Health

Steve Blank Over the last five years a series of applications that fall under the category of “Digital Health” ...

Visual Wednesdays: The Nervous System of IT-Enabled Healthcare

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