Announcing the 2017 Aging in Place $50K Challenge Winner: DispatchHealth

Rock Health and AARP Foundation joined forces for the 2017 Aging in Place $50K Challenge to identify startups with solutions to help low-income, older Americans remain in their homes and communities as they age. The panel of judges named DispatchHealth the winner of the $50,000 cash prize and opportunity to work with AARP Foundation.

Meet the 2018 Top 50 in Digital Health Honorees

Each year we recognize the leading entrepreneurs, investors, technologists, reporters, and providers dedicated to bringing technological advancements to healthcare are and recognize their work from the past year. We're honored to announce the Top 50 in Digital Health 2018.

Podcast: Uncovering the real value of AI in healthcare with Andrew Ng

An expert in the field of AI, Andrew Ng shares what the digital health community needs to understand about trendy technology, by separating hype from reality, while discussing how these technologies are creating real value in healthcare—today and throughout the decade ahead.

The future of virtual medicine: what the CMS MDPP ruling means for patients and digital health

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services will not yet reimburse for telehealth delivery of the Medicare Diabetes Prevention Program. What does this mean now and going forward?

What digital health’s middle innings require: lessons from Rock Health Summit 2017

Though we have a long way to go, digital health is no longer in its infancy. Since Rock Health began tracking digital health deals in 2011, over $22B in funding has poured into the sector—and beyond the staggering figures, the burgeoning number of entrepreneurs, growing cohort of matured companies, and increased stakeholder engagement all indicate digital health is at an inflection point between the early days of possibilities and the future of fully-realized potential. Last month we brought together a diverse group of over 600 individuals across healthcare and beyond for our sixth Rock Health Summit to get to the heart of what exactly digital health’s ‘middle innings’ require.

Request an invite to Rock Health’s Happy Hour during JP Morgan 2018

Women in healthcare 2017: How does our industry stack up?

Women are critical stakeholders in healthcare, serving as workers, caregivers, and consumers—yet they do not have an equal voice in the ranks of leadership. Our goal with this report is to contribute to a meaningful and actionable dialogue around women in leadership, with the hopes of providing a foundation for our industry to finally turn this dialogue into action.

In digital health’s biggest year of funding, women CEOs emerge as Q3 2017 winners

2017 is already the largest year yet for digital health funding—but the funding spike of Q2 has steadied. Q3 funding came in at $1.2B, bringing the YTD total to $4.7B and pushing funding beyond the prior historic annual high of $4.6B in 2015. Of note: 16% of the 83 deals this quarter were raised by companies led by women CEOs, up from 11% at the half-year mark.

Podcast: Provider Adoption of Digital Health

Podcast Ep. 7: In our recent survey, digital health companies divulged their enterprise sales pain points. This week we went even deeper, sitting down with two executives at the center of technology innovation at leading health systems to get their honest take on what hospitals want from digital health tools.

Coming soon: An even deeper dive into digital health investment

Since 2011, Rock Health has worked tirelessly to be the trusted source for digital health venture funding trends. We take this role very seriously because we believe funding is a key metric in assessing the trajectory of healthcare innovation. Today, we are excited to announce new upgrades that will enhance our ability to deliver thoughtful, objective analysis of digital health investment and the broader market.

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