Podcast: Is digital health in an investment bubble?

To get to the heart of what the current funding environment means for the future of the sector, we spoke with Sitka's Kelsey Mellard and Flare Capital's Michael Greeley about how entrepreneurs should approach fundraising in a capital-rich market, whether valuations are too high, what milestones investors look for before signing the check, and why digital health is primed for more acquisitions.

2018 year end funding report: Is digital health in a bubble?

With a record $8.1B in funding and the absence of an equally robust exit market, there is more scrutiny on digital health than ever before. Will value creation track with recent investment trends? To provide some structure around this question, we validated a simple framework with fellow investors to assess the current “bubbliness” of digital health. Our verdict: digital health is not in a bubble.

How an eighty-year-old health plan is building the healthcare model of the future by working with Rock Health

Since 2015, Blue Shield of California has partnered with Rock Health to gain exposure to digital health and elevate its position as an innovative healthcare company. Through its partnership with Rock Health, Blue Shield of California has showcased thought leadership, collaborated on research, and gained unparalleled insight into the frontlines of healthcare innovation.

The data-driven transformation of the life sciences industry: A Q&A with ZS Associates’ Pete Masloski

Digital health innovation continues moving full-force in transforming the business of healthcare. For pharma and medtech companies in particular, this ongoing shift has pushed them to identify ways to create value for patients beyond the drugs themselves. From new partnerships between digital health and life science companies to revamped commercial models, collecting and extracting insights from data is at the core of these growth opportunities. But navigating the rapidly evolving terrain is no simple task. We chatted with ZS Associates Principal Pete Masloski to discuss how he works with clients to help identify, develop, and commercialize digital health solutions—and where he sees patients benefiting as a result.

2019 Enterprise Insights Series

High-impact healthcare innovation relies on an efficient, two-sided market. On one side, startups supply new, groundbreaking solutions, adaptability, and agility. On the other, large-scale enterprise companies have both the need for innovation as well as the operations, expertise, brand, and reach to drive impact at scale.

Where investment and value align in digital health: takeaways from Rock Health Summit 2018

While digital health venture funding continually climbs to new heights, it’s critical to recognize investment is not necessarily coupled with value. So how do incumbents and innovators’ dedication of time, money, and resources to reduce costs and improve delivery of care translate into value added to the market? As digital health forges onward, entrepreneurs armed with growing pocketbooks and established stakeholders seeking to innovate must prioritize creating tangible value to patients, providers, and the healthcare system at large.

Announcing the Top 50 in Digital Health 2019

Each year, Rock Health, Fenwick & West, Goldman Sachs, and Square 1 Bank honor those making exceptional progress in driving resources, attention, and innovation toward a massively better healthcare system. From a commitment to hiring diverse talent to writing policy that incentivizes innovation to investing in new ideas, we want to recognize the people and organizations making digital health thrive. Today, we're excited to announce the winners of the Top 50 in Digital Health 2019.

The events digital health enthusiasts can’t miss during JPM 2019

In just over a month, countless healthcare leaders, deal makers, investors, and startups will flock to San Francisco for the 37th annual JP Morgan Healthcare Conference. It’s where big deals get done (and big bucks are shelled out for meeting space in hotel bars)—but there’s plenty of room for fun, too. Here's our list of can't-miss healthcare events for digital health nerds at JPM 2019.

Going digital to disrupt the addiction epidemic

With America's addiction epidemic taking a devastating toll on lives and communities, technology-based startups are offering a new path forward. These solutions focus on providing evidence-based, continuous, and accessible experiences for individuals living with an addiction. To understand how digital offerings are driving real value to patients, we interviewed six startups.

Announcing our partnership with Novo Nordisk

Tomorrow, we kick off our seventh Rock Health Summit, which we fondly consider to be our annual family reunion—a gathering of 650+ familiar and new faces under one roof to engage, connect, and explore what’s next for healthcare. This year, we have even more to be excited about as we announce a partnership with Novo Nordisk. As one of the newest members of the Rock Health family, Novo Nordisk joins our incredible group of corporate partners who strive to work with early stage digital health companies in their efforts to create meaningful health solutions.

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