The evidence healthcare startups need to be taken seriously by investors

The maturation of the digital health ecosystem has resulted in a notable shift in the minimum threshold of evidence companies must meet to survive and thrive. At this point, showing utilization of a product is simply table stakes—not a business plan, and no longer enough to attract funding. What investors really want to see comes down to the answers to three questions: have you changed behavior? Have you produced an outcome that matters? And do you have customers who are willing to pay for your product?

Getting clear about healthcare transparency: Lisa Maki & Noah Lang

Podcast Ep 4: What are players from around and outside healthcare doing to make this universal experience more understandable, clear—and even enjoyable? Two CEOs share their take on how transparency in healthcare is taking shape and what it really means for patients and stakeholders.

226 of the most exciting jobs in digital health today

Whether you’re venturing into healthcare for the first time or you’re a seasoned industry vet itching for a new gig, here’s a peek at a few handpicked roles at Rock Health and across our portfolio job board (we count over 220 awesome openings!).

Adapting to Consumerism in Healthcare: Helix’s Robin Thurston and Validic’s Drew Schiller

The age-old power dynamics in healthcare are quickly shifting—away from providers as the primary touch point for care and toward tech-, and consumer-empowered decision-making. In a world where personal data is king and consumers expect things to be free—and are also expected to take on a larger burden of their healthcare costs, healthcare companies have a lot to adapt to.

Q1 2017: Business as usual for digital health

When we started tracking deals in 2011, the newly enacted Affordable Care Act served as a major catalyst for market growth. We’ve only tracked digital health in an ACA-world, so we’ve been on the edge of our seats as the new administration vows to repeal this landmark reform.

What we learned from 100+ digital health CEOs

Each year, we bring together over 100 digital health CEOs for off-the-record discussions about building a healthcare technology company at our annual Digital Health CEO Summit, co-hosted with Wharton | San Francisco and Cowen and Company. We were joined by a diverse group of CEOs from leading digital health companies including Omada Health, Stride Health, Doctor On Demand, PokitDok, Vida Health, and more.

SXSW 2017: Your guide to all things health tech

Headed to Austin for SXSW? Lucky you. There’s plenty in store for digital health aficionados, and we’re especially excited to catch some of the Rock Health family in the mix. CEOs David Vivero of Amino and Noah Lang of Stride bring their depth of consumer experience to the conversation on healthcare decision-making, and Sano’s Ashwin Pushpala will discuss how emerging technology in health isn’t just for the sci-fi movies anymore. And don’t miss the launch of Connect to End Cancer, featuring Halle Tecco and the CEO of The Biden Foundation, which encourages collaboration among entrepreneurs, VCs, industry execs, and attendees to use digital health to transform cancer care.

Our latest investment: Welcome Virta!

Rock Health funds entrepreneurs building technologies with the potential for massive improvements to healthcare—not just incremental iterations of the status quo. That’s why we’re proud to announce our investment in Virta, an online specialty medical clinic founded by Trulia cofounder Sami Inkinen that reverses type 2 diabetes safely and sustainably, without medications or surgery.

Why Scientific Research Needs Technology: Saji Wickramasekara and Sridhar Iyengar

Medical research is a $200B industry—but is not conducted in a way that is searchable, machine-readable, or reproducible. We chat with two founders to understand what's at stake, and how technology is being used to advance scientific research.

Rock Health year in review 2016

Rock Health and its portfolio companies had a huge year. See everything we did.

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