Digital health enters the metaverse

An overview of digital health startups entering the metaverse, and future implications.

2021 year-end digital health funding: Seismic shifts beneath the surface

A review of 2021’s funding environment with a focus on the underlying changes beneath the surface’s venture stats.

Hindsight is 2021: Looking back and forward at key themes shaping digital health

Reflections and predictions for the new year.

Consumer adoption of telemedicine in 2021

51% of surveyed consumers in 2021 reported prior use of live video telemedicine–eight percentage points higher than in 2020.

10 Years of the Top 50 in Digital Health: Announcing This Year’s Award Winners

Congratulations to all of the winners of this year's Top 50 in Digital Health!

The simplest, most accurate way to find a doctor: Announcing our investment in Ribbon Health

Announcing our investment in Ribbon Health, an API-first platform that simplifies complex healthcare workflow.

Spotlight on Innovations in Digital Health | 2021

Pulse check: An analysis of the FDA’s list of AI- and ML-enabled devices

A look at the FDA’s new database of AI and ML-enabled devices, and an exploration of what can be gleaned from the data.

Q3 2021 digital health funding: To $20B and beyond!

With $6.7B raised across 169 deals in Q3, 2021’s digital health funding stream has now topped $20B.

Building comprehensive women+ digital health: Eight sectors serving women+ needs

From January-August 2021, investors nearly doubled funding for digital health companies that serve women+ individuals compared to all of 2020. Across 26 deals in 2021 (through August), women+ digital health companies secured $1.3B in funding—accounting for 7% of total digital health funding in that time period. This piece segments the women+ digital health market into eight sectors and highlights opportunities for increased investor attention.

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