Digital Health Consumer Adoption: 2015

Results from our landmark national survey on the adoption trends in digital health.

Outsmarting death through the software of life

You know Dr. J. Craig Venter as the pioneer of genome sequencing, and now he's forging new territory yet again to merge life science with computer science to extend humans' healthy lifespan and redefine the way we age. Moderated by I-han Chou, Senior Strategy Editor at Nature.

What the former Facebook CFO is doing in digital health

David Ebersman left his post as CFO of Facebook (before that he was CFO of Genentech) to focus on bringing technology to healthcare in an effort to make experiences that affect us all less isolating and frustrating. We'll explore why he made the leap, how his current ventures compare to building other iconic and disruptive companies, and what his vision is for the future of digital health.

Where’s the next digital health unicorn?

An early-stage company with the potential and followthrough to become a billion dollar paradigm-shifter can be as elusive, but hopefully not as mythical, as a unicorn. We pick the brains of investing heavy-weights to talk cold, hard facts: where can we find unicorns in digital health?

Virtual reality: Just what the doctor ordered?

Virtual reality has transformed the way we think of and create new worlds, but it also allows us to explore the inner-most workings of the human body. We'll discuss the very real implications virtual reality is having on healthcare—from how we study biological structures to how we administer care.

Rewiring the crap out of healthcare

As the Founder and Managing Partner of Social+Capital Partnership, Chamath Palihapitiya is the "it" man of socially responsible investing. Hear his take on what needs to change in healthcare and how his investment thesis focuses on companies that are drastically doing just that. Moderated by Jessica Lessin, Founder and Editor-in-Chief of The Information.

Non-doctors on demand

Rock Health portfolio company co-founders, Thomas Goetz at Iodine, Sandy Jen of Honor, Thea Runyan of Kurbo Health, and Alejandro Foung of Lantern share their experiences about leveraging thousands of allied healthcare workers to deliver better healthcare.

The impact of mass consolidation: what it means for disruptors

Hear from a mix of founders, policy-makers, and investors on the impact of this year's mega-mergers on the startup health market and what it means for future industry disruptors. We've seen an unprecedented billions of capital flowing into new players in healthcare at the startup level just as this consolidation wave has taken hold. The panel will discuss where consolidation is driving opportunity: customer's demand for choice, innovation and focus; and where health tech startups need to ensure coordination and cohesion with some of the market's key players as they go from big to gigantic. Hear from Collective Health Co-founder & CEO Ali Diab, Stride Health Co-founder & CEO Noah Lang and Janet Widman, Blue Shield of California's former Executive VP with moderation by UC Berkeley Associate Director of Health Management Kimberly MacPherson.

Why these tech titans joined government to help save healthcare

Many of us associate innovative solutions and scalable technology with startups, Silicon Valley, and scrappy teams; but these experts are focusing their time and talents in Washington DC in order to harness technology's ability to solve healthcare's biggest problems. Hear from The White House Chief Data Scientist DJ Patil, HHS CTO Susannah Fox and Fortune Magazine Senior Writer Leena Rao.

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