Visual Wednesdays: The Impact of Health IT

2013 Midyear Digital Health Funding Update

With half of 2013 behind us, we’re able to uncover some interesting insights and trends in funding in digital ...

An open letter to health entrepreneurs

Jae Won Joh is a newly minted M.D. training in emergency medicine.  We tracked him down on Quora. Dear health ...

Rock Weekly: Tired of Suits and Soggy Turkey Sandwiches?

June 24, 2013 Tired of suits and soggy turkey sandwiches at healthcare conferences? Join us for the third annual ...

Visual Wednesdays: A Look at the Medicaid Expansion

Rock Weekly: Supreme Court Rules Genes Cannot Be Patented

June 17, 2013 Last week, SCOTUS told us: human genes cannot be patented. The landmark ruling, which some argue is ...

Letting a Hundred Flowers Blossom: HCIA Round Two Provides $1 Billion to Test New Models of Care

                        Jack Challis is the

Visual Wednesdays: Mobile and Smartphones in Healthcare: A Growing Trend

Why privacy should be among the first considerations of a health care app developer

Andy Oram is an editor at the technical publisher and information provider O'Reilly Media, specializing currently ...

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