Announcing our partnership with CVS Health

It’s been a momentous month for Rock Health. From celebrating our 5 Year Anniversary, to hosting over 700 attendees at Rock Health Summit, today we’re thrilled to cap it off by announcing a partnership with CVS Health.

Can I take care of my dad the way he took care of me?

Remember the HIV outbreak in Indiana? It roiled Scott County, IN, the outbreak’s epicenter, where my father has practiced medicine for nearly 25 years. The outbreak threw this rural area into disarray, but the strong family dynamics in Scott County allowed residents to cope with this jarring event.

11 reasons we can’t wait for Rock Health Summit

Celebrating five years of Rock Health

As the first venture fund dedicated to digital health, we’ve come a long way since our founding five years ago. Our goal from day one has been to build a community dedicated to changing healthcare. Thank you for being a part of this epic journey in digital health. Join us as we look back on the last five years of Rock Health and digital health.

Retail clinics—the skinny for entrepreneurs

The future of personalized healthcare: Predictive analytics

A look at the challenges and promises of using new and existing sources of data to deliver personalized care.

The future of biosensing wearables

A review of the current landscape and future of biosensing wearables.

The state of women in healthcare: 2015

This report explores why gender diversity matters in healthcare and what we can do to change the status quo.

10 epic SXSW healthcare panels you need to vote for today

Can’t decide? No problem—we’ve got a few choices below that feature entrepreneurs and CEOs from digital health’s hottest companies.

An inside look at digital therapeutics pioneer, Omada Health

Within the shadow of San Francisco’s iconic Transamerica Pyramid, a team of 21st century superheroes is working tirelessly to tackle our nation’s chronic disease crisis. Three out of four Americans will now die prematurely from a preventable condition, so Omada Health—one of Rock Health’s first portfolio companies—has pioneered a new world of digital therapeutics with seamless design at the forefront.

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