A defining moment for digital behavioral health: Four market trends

2020 was the biggest year yet for the digital behavioral health market with companies raking in a record $2.4B in venture funding. This piece explores four key trends that currently define this market: (1) investors pouring more money into later-stage deals, (2) a burgeoning market for generalist and specialist approaches, (3) consolidation for clinical expansions and digital capabilities, and (4) investment opportunities for substance use disorder and developmental disorder solutions.

Welcoming Katie Drasser as the CEO of Rock Health’s Nonprofit!

Given the growth over the past few years of both Rock Health’s for-profit and our 501(c)(3), we are so excited to announce that Katie Drasser is taking over as the independent CEO to lead Rock Health's nonprofit!

Digital Health Consumer Adoption Report 2020

Rock Health and the Stanford Center for Digital Health are excited to release findings from the sixth annual Consumer Adoption Survey. Amidst a national pandemic and the ensuing stay-at-home orders, consumer adoption rates grew significantly from 2019 to 2020—10+ percentage point increases—across live video telemedicine, wearable ownership, and digital health metric tracking. The 2020 survey data suggest that consumers more than ever expect technology to be an integral part of their healthcare experience.

To infinity and beyond: Digital health’s role in vaccine rollout

From information access to proof of vaccination, digital health solutions are popping up to meet this crucial phase of COVID-19 vaccine distribution. Rock Health Consulting shares insight on efforts underway and where there is still unmet need.

What’s ahead for digital health in 2021?

Now what? With 2020 in the rearview mirror we break down the forces that will shape the trajectory of digital health over the next twelve months. We explore four themes that will impact digital health this year.

2020 Market Insights Report: Chasing a new equilibrium

2020’s stress test to our healthcare system created what felt like a fast forward button for digital health, with unprecedented growth in funding, adoption, policymaking, and national attention. Venture capital dollars flowed to US digital health companies at a new all-time high, with over $14B invested across 440 deals. 2020 also represented a thematic shift in liquidity for digital health venture investors, with upswings in both IPO and M&A activity. While questions remain about a new equilibrium for the digital health market, this post explores four factors underpinning what we see as a durable investment sector: sustained commitment from investors, new consumer behavior change, rising enterprise buyer appetite, and a breakout exit market.

Next-gen digital health innovation in clinical trials

There has been an explosion of digital health innovation in clinical trials. The Rock Health Consulting team explores this evolution and what the next horizon will bring to clinical trials.

The other shoe drops: Amazon Pharmacy is here

While the announcement of Amazon Pharmacy resulted in a flurry of headlines, the news itself was a bit anticlimactic. But now that Amazon Pharmacy is here, what will this mean for the online pharmacy industry?

Digital health’s platform wars are heating up

Digital health platforms continue to emerge and evolve. Rock Health Consulting explores different types of digital health platforms, the core pillars they are each built upon, and what it takes to succeed in the platform wars.

Diversity in digital health: 2020 annual report

In 2020, Rock Health and Dr. Ivor Horn launched a new Diversity in Digital Health initiative. This post showcases key findings from the 678 digital health startup leaders who completed our survey, offering insight into the current state of diversity. Read on for new, data-driven insights to launch conversations and inform how we build a more inclusive digital health community.

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