Maternity care for the modern era: Our investment in Oula

We’re honored to announce our investment in Oula, a company that is reimagining how women experience pregnancy and delivery. Offering women support from conception through postpartum, Oula brings together the best of obstetrics and midwifery, modern maternity clinics, and an integrated care management technology platform.

The future of healthcare: The end of digital health

Major market forces are accelerating change in a healthcare environment that is ripe for the rapid adoption of innovation. The Rock Health Consulting team shares our take on the future of healthcare—over the coming weeks we will expand upon these themes in a series of deep dives.

Q3 2020: A new annual record for digital health (already)

Venture capital dollars flowing to US digital health continued to surge in Q3 2020. One thing is for sure—2020 will be the largest funding year ever for digital health, spurred by 24 mega deals so far. Moreover, the stock market’s sharp recovery and pandemic-initiated policy and regulation changes have enabled large competitive moves and commercialization activities.

Continuous Remote Care: Enabling lifestyle interventions that last

Existing models of care often fall short in addressing what is needed to make lifestyle interventions work for patients with chronic illnesses. As an investor in Virta Health, we have been excited to see how the team continues to push the boundaries of virtual care to create transformational health and economic outcomes for patients and payers.

We’ve entered an unprecedented market for aging in place

The aging of America presents a unique window of opportunity to support aging in place1 with digital health technologies. A confluence of factors have coalesced to align incentives across payers, older adults, and their families and caregivers. This has created a unique opportunity for digital health-driven transformation. In this review, we discuss three reasons why 2020 marks a material turning point for aging in place and highlight eight areas where we see opportunity for entrepreneurs and investors.

Back to work, not back to normal

The “back to work” market is less than six months old, but it’s a rapidly growing segment of digital health that will be critical to re-opening classrooms and workplaces. The Rock Health Consulting team shares our take on the types of solutions we’re seeing, the players, the challenges in the space, and the long-term opportunities for back to work technology.

Winning at the digital front door

Consumers’ expectations have long been primed for the digital transition in healthcare—doubtlessly something incumbent healthcare leaders have heard before—but forward-looking health systems and consumer brands are rising to this unique moment with digital footprints that meet consumers online. This research excerpt outlines a five-step framework for health systems to build—or refine—their master digital footprint.

A brighter future for pediatric behavioral health: Our investment in Brightline

I’ll never forget the sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach as I drove past the train tracks on East Meadow Drive. Police cars and yellow caution tape surrounded the crossing as I thought to myself “not again.” I frantically texted each of my friends, waiting in desperation to get a response that signaled they were safe. Sadly, this wasn’t my first time. A train blaring past was now the sounding alarm for the tragic wave of teen suicides plaguing Palo Alto. Each time, I felt that pit in my stomach return.

The starter pistol for the virtual care platforms race

A look at the merger between Teladoc and Livongo and what it means for the industry

Femtech is expansive—it’s time to start treating it as such

A pulse on women’s digital health solutions and areas in which we’re excited to invest.

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