Why consumers want their health records

Efforts to get patients involved in their personal health records (PHRs) have become a persistent challenge for the Health IT world. In the face of many unsuccessful initiatives (e.g., Google Health ), we sought to understand whether patients actually want their records, and if working towards overcoming these challenges is worth the effort.

Why there is no Uber for healthcare

The unit economics are far more challenging for on-demand healthcare versus other on-demand sectors.

Healthcare reform puts consumers in charge

As individuals become accustomed to being responsible for out-of-pocket healthcare expenses, digital health companies can take advantage of the trend towards consumerism to educate and empower patients to make smarter purchasing decisions.

How laws and policies are shaping telemedicine

The rundown of what, how, and why reform is shaping the $36B telemedicine market.

The shifting center of care

Digital health has an enormous opportunity to reduce hospital readmissions and keep costs down by extending care beyond the clinical setting and into a patient’s home.

How healthcare reform impacts digital health

Healthcare reform is fueling digital health funding. You’ve probably heard a variation or two of that statement so here’s a look at how and why healthcare reform has helped define the digital health landscape. In a series of posts, we’ll explore the legislative landscape, starting with this overview and then diving into telemedicine, at-home patient management, and healthcare consumer engagement over the next few weeks.

Breaking the Paternalism of Healthcare: Eric Topol

Leading American cardiologist, geneticist, author, and digital medicine researcher Eric Topol discusses the state of patient-centered and empowered healthcare, paternalism, and what the future holds for data and digital health.

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