Why you should care about caregiving

17 million people will need care assistance by 2020—though there will only be small increases in the family and paid caregiver support pool, leading to drastic shortages.l. There is a huge opportunity for first movers who can utilize technology to successfully optimize people’s time to more efficiently deliver care before this major shift takes place.

A huge boost for evidence-based online mental health care

Behavioral health problems affect more than 18 percent of adults and cost the US $46 billion per year—yet care remains inaccessible. Lantern, the leader in evidence-based online mental health wellness services offers a novel approach to bridge the accessibility gap in mental healthcare.

The emerging influence of digital biomarkers on healthcare

In healthcare, big data is only valuable when paired with a strong body of clinical evidence. Digital biomarkers are an opportunity to translate new data sources into informative, actionable insights.

The state of healthcare gender diversity 2016

Our latest look at the state of diversity in healthcare discusses why gender diverse teams are good for business, acknowledges the continued uphill battle, and explores the conversations around gender diversity.

Stride Health and Beam: rebuilding dental coverage for self-employed Americans

Why it is time for innovation in the fight against cervical cancer

The defining moments and quotes of 2015

What digital health companies will IPO in 2016?

We’re hosting a happy hour during JPM

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