A brighter future for pediatric behavioral health: Our investment in Brightline

I’ll never forget the sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach as I drove past the train tracks on East Meadow Drive. Police cars and yellow caution tape surrounded the crossing as I thought to myself “not again.” I frantically texted each of my friends, waiting in desperation to get a response that signaled they were safe. Sadly, this wasn’t my first time. A train blaring past was now the sounding alarm for the tragic wave of teen suicides plaguing Palo Alto. Each time, I felt that pit in my stomach return.

The starter pistol for the virtual care platforms race

A look at the merger between Teladoc and Livongo and what it means for the industry

Femtech is expansive—it’s time to start treating it as such

A pulse on women’s digital health solutions and areas in which we’re excited to invest.

Digital health’s IPO window is back open

Two digital health companies have gone public since July 1, 2020. These public offerings signal that last year’s flurry of IPOs was no fluke—nine digital health companies have gone public over the past 14 months. With Amwell’s IPO on deck for later this year, it’s clear that the COVID-19 pandemic and its resulting financial uncertainty have not dampened public investors’ appetite for new digital health shares.

2020 Midyear digital health market update: Unprecedented funding in an unprecedented time

In the midst of a global pandemic and a US recession, US digital health companies raised $5.4B in venture funding across the first six months of 2020. The sector is on track to have its largest funding year ever. Large deals are once again driving the overall trend as average deal size hit a record $25.1M in H1. We take a look at the unprecedented past six months and share our thoughts on the impact of COVID-19 on digital health innovation, funding trends, and the investment area that has raised an eye-popping amount of funding so far this year—behavioral health.

What’s next for healthcare in light of COVID-19

Two weeks ago, Rock Health President Tom Cassels convened with practice leaders Darryl Jue of Accenture, Amanda Berra of Advisory Board, and Pete Masloski of ZS to discuss how healthcare industry leaders must adapt to the forces that will become more prominent in the post-pandemic world. The conversation was rich, and we were fortunate to have so many of you (1,138!) in the healthcare community join us and participate in the discussion.

COVID-19 constraints push healthcare organizations to innovate around the consumer

Healthcare innovation leaders face a daunting challenge. They must prepare their organizations to manage their population’s changing needs throughout the COVID-19 pandemic while pivoting to a new normal—all without a playbook. A couple of weeks ago, we spent an hour with healthcare leaders from across the industry to understand how the pandemic is transforming their work and the healthcare delivery system at large.

Want to build an impactful career in digital health? Meet Rock Health’s 2020 fellows

Behind the small but mighty Rock Health team is a group of digital health’s brightest emerging leaders. Through their work on various projects, our fellows extend Rock Health’s reach and impact while learning at the forefront of healthcare innovation. The fellowship program is designed to give future and up-and-coming digital health leaders an opportunity to deepen their knowledge base, widen their professional networks, and contribute meaningfully to Rock Health’s mission of making healthcare massively better for every human being.

Update to “Innovation beyond COVID-19” blog post

Redefining patient adherence: Our investment in Wellth

Care plan adherence is one of the thorniest challenges facing healthcare today. We’re thrilled to announce our investment in Wellth, a company pairing the power of behavioral economics with technology to create motivation and improve health outcomes at scale.

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