Spotlight on Innovations in Digital Health | 2021

Pulse check: An analysis of the FDA’s list of AI- and ML-enabled devices

A look at the FDA’s new database of AI and ML-enabled devices, and an exploration of what can be gleaned from the data.

Q3 2021 digital health funding: To $20B and beyond!

With $6.7B raised across 169 deals in Q3, 2021’s digital health funding stream has now topped $20B.

Building comprehensive women+ digital health: Eight sectors serving women+ needs

From January-August 2021, investors nearly doubled funding for digital health companies that serve women+ individuals compared to all of 2020. Across 26 deals in 2021 (through August), women+ digital health companies secured $1.3B in funding—accounting for 7% of total digital health funding in that time period. This piece segments the women+ digital health market into eight sectors and highlights opportunities for increased investor attention.

Rock Health meets this moment in digital health

Our vision for the digital health industry continues to shape our strategy as a company, pushing us to focus on how we can deliver the greatest impact. That single vision is the animating force behind the three core elements of what make up Rock Health.

Healthcare’s middle children: Potential disruptors flying under the radar

A major potential disruptor in healthcare is flying under the radar. “Middle children'' are large (but not BIG) retail, fitness, and tech companies that are, or should be, eyeing opportunities in healthcare. In this article we argue that middle children have distinct advantages over their big tech and big retail siblings (and their startup younger siblings), and we hypothesize about future healthcare strategies that these players may pursue.

We’re hiring a Sales Operations Manager!

Building toward equity: A working model for digital health

A growing number of healthcare leaders are seeking to develop more culturally responsive, accessible digital health solutions. In this article, we share what we’re learning from equity-minded product builders and offer a framework for how innovators can use digital health to create a more inclusive future.

Wellbeing benefits for the modern workforce: Our investment in JOON

We’re thrilled to announce our investment in JOON, which is developing a modernized benefits solution that makes employee wellness easy for employers and their workforce. JOON gives employees the freedom to choose what’s meaningful to them by automatically verifying and reimbursing eligible purchases within the employer-set categories, such as fitness, food, mental health, family care, and education.

H1 2021 digital health funding: Another blockbuster year…in six months

H1 2021 secured $14.7B in digital health funding, already surpassing all of 2020’s funding. The half closed with 372 deals and an average deal size of $39.6M, spearheaded by 48 mega deals which accounted for 59% of total H1 2021 funding. Public exit activity ballooned with 11 closed IPOs and SPACs, with another 11 SPACs expected to close in 2021.

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